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Are you ready to be the author of your best life? 📖 Map out your dreams in all 12 dimensions of your life with our FREE Mindvalley Masterclass now to discover how to create your very own Lifebook 👉

Lifebook is all about getting crystal clear on what you really want out of life 💎 …

…instead of letting others dictate the path you follow.

It’s about goal setting, but not as you know it.

It’s about real, long-lasting transformation.

It’s about cultivating that growth mindset that drives you forward to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of 😊

If that sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, we hope to see you in the Masterclass 🙏

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  1. "You have Four Pillars in your life. Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life. Think of your life then in terms of having Four Pillars – a Pillar of Relationships, a Pillar of Health, a Pillar of Work and Providership and a Pillar of Spiritual Development. Your life is only as strong as the weakest Pillar, the weakest leg of the table. How much you can see, how much you can know and how much you can do will be dependent upon the strength of these Pillars."
    A quote from the Great Waves of Change, a book by Marshall Vian Summers. It contains much practical wisdom and a preparation for the difficult times ahead. Read it free online at greatwavesofchange(org)

  2. This video is soooooo amazingly made. Hats off to the creative team behind it. You guys did a wonderful job. Even though I'm not going to do what the video tells me to do, for reasons of my own,
    but this video really made me want to do it.

  3. @Mindvalley – just wondering what is the title and artist name of the beautiful background music. really powerful and matches up well with the message. is the song available for purchase? i would love to pay for it

  4. This is a lifebook. You don't know how to run your life and you don't know what you want, so write your dreams in here even though dreams are probably just ways your mind puts you in 'test' situations to make you survive if it happens.