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When you think of your life, do you think about what’s missing? Or do you think about what you have?

If you always think about what you don’t have, you will tend to hold on to everything that you do have, because you feel that you have so little and thus not much to give. But listen to Tony as he explains how giving in times of extreme discomfort, when you feel “lack” and not abundance, can be the most valuable.

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Tony Robbins is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins’ corporate and personal development events. As the nation’s #1 life and business strategist, he¹s called upon to consult and coach some of the world¹s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

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Tony Robbins Tony Robbins is a catalyst for change and a strategist for success. He creates change in minutes, when normally it couldn't be accomplished in years.

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  1. I never cry. Last time I cried was a year ago. But this video, his message…I understand now. After 15 years of my life of trying to understand, I finally get it. Give without expectations. Don’t give with the expectation of getting something in return. Just give what you can. Money, a listening ear, act of service, whatever it may be. I was tired, extremely tired, of living in lack. I leave for Marine Corps boot camp on May 4th 2020, and instead of wondering what the Corps can do for me, I feel invigorated to give back to my country, and my heart swells with fucking joy. Now I know. Now I understand.

    Thank you so much, Tony. Thank you.

  2. Like it reads " It's in giving that we receive, it is in forgiveness that we are forgiven " One need not just flgive money, we can give our valuable time, our energy, our support, our care, words of appreciation and encouragment, a correct advice, and if nothing then a beautiful smile 😊😇 thankyou so much @tonyrobbins !