Bruce Lipton: Learn How To Control Your Mind (very motivational)

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Bruce Lipton: Learn How To Control Your Mind (very motivational)
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  1. Living in a violent city in the 70's trained my senses of vibes, known as streetwise and has served me well, and have ended up in a very good place following vibrations and feelings…..on paper where I am is supposed to be poor and deprived , depends how you define poor.

  2. Surround yourself with those who are rich with good vibes rather than those who are just rich with money! Because the truth is, money can't buy you good health, but being at peace everyday keeps one away from dis-ease 🙏💞 I can feel those who have good vibes and those who have low vibrational energy! I move away from the energy vampires and spread good vibes and a light encompasses me and I glow with joy, and people can see it! Thanks for sharing your very very great YouTube videos! May everyone some day understand how our human body works as a magnetic field. 🙏💞😍

  3. Energy Healing is the most advanced healing next to all respectful ways of healing therapies .From Human Body comes radiation ,energy ,radio frequency .Balancing the Energy of the body or any biological object we help the organs to function better and the body heals itself The most ecological way of approaching the object not harming the organism and the systems ..🙏🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  4. Dr. Lipton shouldn't have been aged post 1977… Ideally..
    .. I actually love him & his talks… I adore him for his knowledge…
    . I know for sure, there are people in India near Himalayas, where some mystical hindu sadhus are beyond 300 years & living.. Also some of them don't consume food..
    .. The big question is, how do they survive soooo long!!!… So many years…!!!! some living beyond 300 years…
    . Some researchers must make a research on the same.