Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #13 – I AM | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation

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I AM!! The 13th Ultimate 30-Minute Motivational Speech Compilation is here! These are some of the BEST Motivational Videos you’ll ever hear, featuring powerful I AM speeches from Eric Thomas, Will Hollis, Eddie Truck Gordon and more!
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Eric Thomas:

Ben Lionel Scott:

Eddie Truck Gordon:

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►Eric Thomas:………

►William Hollis:

►Barrack Obama
►Joel Osteen

►Les Brown

►Jay Shetty

►Peter Dinklage

►Speaker: Eddie “Truck” Gordon

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1. I AM – Motiversity / Eric Thomas
(New Video)

2. I AM – Fearless Motivation / Will Hollis

3. Persevere – Ben Lionel Scott

4. If You Feel Pressure – Motivation2Study

5. This is Why Only 1% Succeed – MotivationHub

6. I AM – Eddie Truck Gordon
(video by Motiversity)



►I AM – Fearless Motivation

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►Really Slow Motion – Mind Games
►Really Slow Motion – Who Watches The Heroes
►Really Slow Motion – Edge of Eternity

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►I AM – Eddie Truck Gordon / Motiversity

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►Music by Paul Elhart
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Video Sources:

► “Filson” by Josh Fletcher –
► “Aramis – #GreveDosHomens” by Thiago Cauduro –
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► “Proform – Do What Moves You” by Cem Ozkilicci –
► “EXPEDIA – “How Far”” by Brett Harrison -
► “What’s Your Gritness_ – True Grit)” by Carlos GUerrero –
► “I Am An Athlete” by Carlos GUerrero –
► “Muscle Pharm – We are the determined” by Carlos GUerrero -
► “CONTROL – BPI Sports” by Carlos GUerrero –
► “Zagori Water – Shaping Tomorrow” by Akis Polizos -
► “Training day” by Florent Ortolé –

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4)I ONLY used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

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Motiversity Motiversity is a new-age independent record label for some of the world's best Motivational Speakers. We produce and release original, highly-edited, exclusive speeches for speakers including Billy Alsbrooks, Eddie Truck Gordon, William Hollis and many more. We also host the popular compilation series that we call the "Best Motivational Speeches Ever" where we compile and re-edit our greatest hits as well as those of our peers. Our goal is to keep you motivated so that you can achieve your goals and follow your dreams. We are working hard to make your day better and push you to be your best! Whether you're studying, working out, or just feeling unmotivated, we have the Motivational Video for you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current release schedule is 1-2 videos per week. Motiversity's YouTube channel is associated with our website Check it out for more ways to stay motivated!

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  1. This video making me agree to so much as boy I've failed but I now smile. I smile because for his I ve beaten myself up for failuring without realising it's making me stronger! 34 years old I now feel in the best shape of my life, my mind is clear, I am not rich, I dont have a GF any more, dog died after 16 years recently but like these videos say .. if you lay on your back then get the fuck up and keep going! Pain will always be around but embrace pain as pain will flourish into something more strong and beautiful. Taken me 34 years to see this. Thank you. Good luck to you all,