Beginner/Intermediate Total Body workout – 45 minutes

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Transform your body in just 10 weeks and take part in the entire Body Project system. ALL the workouts and much more!

This workout is intermediate but features adaptations for beginners and can be increased in intensity for advanced exercisers.

This is the most effective way to exercise from home.

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Body Project High energy, motivating workouts to do from home. We created Team Body Project to share our passion for exercise and excellent movement with others who want to feel good about their body and experience great health. Our holistic exercise programme includes HIIT cardio, resistance training, pilates and yoga.

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  1. I really push myself with your workout…even its hard…but still can…great results indeed from 170 lbs to 123 lbs…happy for the results…8 months..since March…pandemic lockdown…no pain…no gain….still pursuing. .thank you..