Before You Scroll Down – WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty

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“Spend more time with people who make you forget to look at your phone.”

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Jay Shetty I’m Jay Shetty - a storyteller, podcaster & former monk. My vision is to make wisdom go viral in an accessible, relevant & practical way. Check back for my videos that are posted each week on the topics of motivation, wisdom, love and relationships.

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  1. Everyone saying they don’t like social media but they don’t do anything about it! I was born in 01 and I remember the times before all this happened. That was the best time…not that I got to live in that world for long but at least a few years. I want that back! And everyone seems to want that to. So let’s do something about it!! I used to have a lot of different social media platforms, now except YouTube I’ve got nothing! I deleted it all cause I’m truly sick of it! That was the best decision I’ve made!!
    I hope this is a phase and people will get rid of all their social media so that we can get together again. So people will get outside and live their life to the fullest!! We don’t need to share everything we do, let’s just live in the moment and take care of the LITTLE time we get to be on this earth. Honestly when you’re 80 years old, sitting in a chair not being able to walk that well…and you think “hmm what did I do with the days of my youth?”, then you remember…and you just see memories flashing of you sitting in your room scrolling and scrolling on whatever unimportant stuff, when you actually could have lived you’re life to the fullest!
    Come on let’s END social media! Let’s make it to the news, “a lot of people are quitting social media…Making social media companies concerned!” Anybody with me??

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