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We are always looking for someone else to make us happy. But we must become the happiest person we know. Here comes the second episode of my popular series XOXO, a show on love, relationships and understanding ourselves and each other better.


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Jay Shetty is a Motivational & Lifestyle vlogger and former monk from London who has helped people find their purpose through ancient wisdom. He combines experiences from his time at business school with living as a monk in India and working as a digital strategist at a global consulting firm to share practical, accessible and relevant techniques. Be sure to Subscribe to the channel to make wisdom go viral!

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Jay Shetty I’m Jay Shetty - a storyteller, podcaster & former monk. My vision is to make wisdom go viral in an accessible, relevant & practical way. Check back for my videos that are posted each week on the topics of motivation, wisdom, love and relationships.

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  1. I used to think magic was bogus but after Martin left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! You restored the love we had for each other. And now he proposed as you promised he would! I am your friend forever and very grateful for all of this. I will come back again, very soon to contact Dr Ojiefo,
    emails or whatsapp +2349055497048I am 30 years old my ex husband left me for ander woman because we have a miss understand so I try to get him back but I could not get him so after three days time I saw a comment about this Dr Ojiefo on Facebook then I na massage the Dr and the Dr Ojiefo I don't have anything to worry about and he said I should just be happy that I have fine the right places, the Dr na proceed and said in 24hr my ex husband we be back, then I said ok to the Dr, then I was at home my phone ring and I cek It and it was my ex husband I was so happy, all thanks to Dr Ojiefo you can also massage for help, WhatsApp:+2349055497048 or email

  2. I have seen this months before my boyfriend broke up with me. And just saw this again now and watched it again. I guess it reminded me and has shown me what it is i am facing right now. I may not been a perfect gf but i am sure i have given my genuine best and love. And i realised now that in that processed i have forgotten myself. Its been a month since he broke up with me without a good closure. It still hurts and cry myself to sleep at night. Only wishing that if there is a fast forward button u can press for u to be on that time that you are just happy again… with or without someone.

  3. The sad part is this story can be played a million times the guys won't see it. They will carry on their childish behavior and when the woman is fed up they go crying to the world say MGTOW… Smh