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TheArchangel911Greetings from California. I was a Full time hospice caregiver for my mother working at home. I recently went through a very traumatic event. My mother passed away on November 5th, 2017. So I have been sorting myself out and defeating my dragons one by one. Now its time to help others defeat the dragons in their lives. Please Subscribe and Comment anytime you feel like it. I will use the comment sections to help others get sorted out whenever I can.
I have one focus and one goal. Provide a free speech forum for anyone to come and develop "thicker skin". You will see people of all walks of life on my channel. Some people only know how to express themselves through "offensive" behavior. Learn how to communicate with every type of person and the world becomes much less threatening.
You have the power to live without fear. Journey with me along the path of wisdom.

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