An Introduction to PPC Foundations by Brad Geddes | What is Pay Per Click?

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Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge, and the author of ‘Advanced Google Adwords’, and the PPC faculty chair at Market Motive.

Welcome to the foundations or paid search. This video which can explain what is PPC. Often known as pay per click, Payed Search or even SEM for search engine marketing. So PPC is really be act of buying traffic on search engines such as Bing or,, Yahoo etc. In lot of companies this is a primary metric for new customer acquisition. You covered on a search before on Google or Bing you’ve seen as response results at the top of the pages. Each of the ad would talking about the search ads is often the very first parts of a search engine result page that a user sees when conducting a search.

Now often advertisers want to know, how big a channel really is and how much traffic can they get from any advertising media will look at Search, searching compasses a little more than 6 billion search queries every single day. The largest search engines are Bing, Yahoo and Google. And the golden is to take some research relevant to your business and bring traffic to your website you can get customers.
Here ads can also be shown across the Display Network. Display Network or other sites that show ads on them and a partner with Google or Bing to display advertisements. Which is commonly news sites in maybe things even social sites such as Facebook and these sites then are places that you can show your ads on search, but are more can to banner type ad you seen. These maybe text ads 3d images they might even be video ads. And you can choose to have them displayed, based upon words user interest and contextual targeting methods and even things such as remarketing which is where someone does a particular behavior on your website already and then you so add back across its network to them so for instance you might be looking at vacation getaway packages and then you’re thinking about it considering it but then you leave the Site ok now you’re over here getting about a new computer something totally different on a different website. But because you did specific actions on their site they might show you ads on this third party site about getaway packages. When you look across the Display Network there’s a lot of different very specific way you can read users that are not quite search. Search is a very relevant based industry, but it comes pretty close to certain you combine all the options and so by looking at both search and display across paid search you can be incredibly specific of when you want a user to see your ad, where their based and then what conditions are involved, that making a display to anyone user.

Now paid for it is an option based system so every time a search happens when an options run to decide where your ads will be displayed, no paid search is called paid search did you pay for the traffic however you only pay for traffic that comes to your website. So what’s free to have your ad displayed you only pay when you get traffic from a search engine to your websites.

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