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A Network Marketing Wake Up Call

If you have been in network marketing for any length of time, you have encountered a lot of myths, like:

Only people at the top make any money; no one makes money; it’s not a real business; the products are bogus; and/or you have to jeopardize your relationship with friends and family.

Regardless of the facts like, over $180 billion in retail sales a year, 100 million network marketers around the world, $200 million paid out in commissions every day – there are still misplaced and negative perceptions on Network Marketing.

In this 16 minute video, Eric sends out a wake up call to network marketing professionals on what we can do better to dispel the myths. Eric gives examples on how common misperceptions of network marketing get created, and what you can you do within your organization to make responsible claims about your product and service, and provide an important educational need in the marketplace.

“I think the Network Marketing Profession needs to look at itself and it needs to get better about the way it represents the products and opportunity to the world.” -Eric Worre

There is no such thing as an easy path, but Network Marketing is a better way.

Watch Now to learn what you can do to dispel the network marketing myths.

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Eric Worre is the world’s most watched and most trusted resource for Network Marketing training and support.

Since 2009, he has produced over 1,400 free videos for the Network Marketing community on virtually every topic. His training is now viewed by over 5 million people every single week.

In 2010, he created Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. An annual generic training event that has grown into the largest in Network Marketing history. Over 8,000 attended in 2015 and the next event in December 2016 has over 17,000 pre-registered.

In 2013, he released the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”, which has sold well over 1 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business.

In 2014, he released the documentary style film “Rise Of The Entrepreneur” which helps to dispel many of the misconceptions related to Network Marketing.

In 2015, along with his wife Marina, he created a new annual event called “The Most Powerful Women In The World” which is already the world’s largest generic Network Marketing event for women.

To date, the Network Marketing Pro community has grown to over a million leaders from over 100 countries around the world.

As the most sought after speaker in Network Marketing today, he is engaged in an effort to raise all ships and allow this profession to truly take its proper place in this world as “a better way”.

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Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro Network Marketing Training Videos and Support by Industry Expert, Eric Worre, The World's Most Trusted Trainer and Expert.

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  1. People are complicated, if it wasn’t for that there would be more wealthy families out there. Not to mention people have a corporate mindset and a good mindset is a huge attribute to have when you’re in this field. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Best regards from Germany. Thank you so much Eric. Network Marketing saved my life. I started less then 3 years ago and now I earned more then 2 million Euro. Your videos helped me so much to reach my goals. Please keep going. You are great

  3. The wake up call as far as MLM is concerned, DON"T TOUCH ANY OF IT. The industry is poison, it boasts a 97-99% failure rate, 100% in quite a few cases, not a glowing resume' for financial success! The scab above teaches from the side lines and unfortunately reality is a cruel master as it appears he has been investigated for 'unethical business practices' in his past, sounds like fraud in layman terms and also mentioned in several media reports, not in a very flattering way with subtle claims of wrong doing, nothing proven of course but…where there is smoke! These people are pond life who exploit and live well from others, they prey on the slow witted, the desperate and the unwary, parasites on society who smile often, all the way to the bank, with your money while you live on a shallow hope and the inference that you may 'make it big' one day soon, with their help, once you pay and subscribe, however it will not happen…..ever! Their script lines and rhetoric are all similar, it insults basic intelligence so don't be fooled most MLM is pyramid selling with the word SCAM attached, it manufactures or produced NOTHING and these parasites are part of it! Even Trump and some of his family have been sued for their involvement in various MLM 'business opportunities' and have distanced themselves from all of them! That should ring alarm bells immediately!