7 Things You Can Control That Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Life

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7 Things You Can Control That Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Life
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Number 1. Your thoughts & beliefs.
Number 2. Being kind to others.
Number 3. Your effort.
Number 4. Your pursuit of knowledge.
Number 5. Your gratitude for what you do have.
Number 6. How you treat others.
Number 7. Who you surround yourself with.

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Comment (945)

  1. 1. Thoughts about & beliefs in my failures.
    2. Being kind to bad guys.
    3. My effort to not believe in destiny.
    4. My pursuit of knowledge in all busy working days, year after year.
    5. My gratitude for what I do have which is basically no money.
    6. How I treat others is better than how I'm treated.
    7. Who I surround myself with are just people like me, being stuck altogether.