Hi I’m Karla! I’m a Self-Development Vlogger, Storyteller and Social Media Strategist from California. I went from having no self confidence to having all the confidence to start coaching creatives and entrepreneurs to share their passions with purpose- through video content.

Empowering others is a passion of mine. I love encouraging others to branch out and let go of their fears to become the most confident version of themselves in every aspect of life.

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  • I am glad that you’re doing ok now!

    I do tend to drink a lot so I am normally quite hydrated however my food intake is poor. I can go all day without eating (I just forget lol) then eat too late; which in turn effect my sleeping!

    Ps. I’d love to see you release a book!

  • wow i had the same similar thing last week. i was at work and i got super dizzy and almost fainted, the day before that happened i ate around 5pm and that was the last time i ate until the next day at 1pm and i didnt drink much water between those 20ish hours and i went to the urgent care and yeah.. i need to remember to eat sometimes or just drink some water as well!

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