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  • I have met dozens of women, who since age of 14 have never been single more than a few days. that for me is a massive red flag. How can you ever know yourself if you never spent any time with yourself? its stupid. the worst combo, muslim feminist. dont ever date a muslim woman.

  • I’ve recently been transitioning from the blue beta nice guy to red pill.
    I’ve been able to identify a lot of points from reading, and online advice from both my life and my partners.
    I’ve been in the relationship for almost 5 years (from 20-25) now, and as I dive deeper into the red pill, i realize more and more things I wish not to be part of. Such as she has daddy issues (absent father), praises mother about being independent, while I support her quite heavily (I use to offer a lot).
    I’m looking for advice, is it unfair for me to break it off? Every time she does something frustrating for me, she gets extremely clingy and offers sex as a way to please me so I don’t think about it anymore. It’s a vicious cycle 🙁

  • Why men get errection when they hear car engine like this? Perhaps because we love engineering. Thanks God, we’ve invented 99.9% of the things that womans feel and see today.

  • I have been tossing this over in my mind. I have to admit, as a mother of a son, I have to agree to an extent. This is only because I’m afraid that he will impregnate a psycho and ruin his life.
    On the other hand, the more evolved side of me knows that I can’t make decisions based on fear. You shouldn’t give advice like this to anyone. It is just mean, and all fear based.
    I personally fit every standard of your avoidance, and guess what?! My husband still married me. We have lots of fun. He is a great step dad. We would be so broken without him saving us, and we love him that much more. When he walks through the door we all greet him with a hug and a smile. He was not afraid of my baggage, and I wasn’t afraid of his. We loved each other unconditionally and because of that, we both grew. All humans have baggage.
    The saddest part of this, is the part where you degrade females who have “daddy issues”. Most of those daddy issues are father abandonment issues. So- yes- no man ever loved me as his daughter, and because of that according to you, I do not ever deserve any mans love?
    What if my husband would have watched your video and taken your advice? I am glad that he did not. Instead, he looked past my flaws and into my heart.
    I hope you take a minute to look into your heart, and to understand what I am saying.

  • Stay away from:
    Women who've seen a therapist their whole lives
    Women who need a green card
    Women who are single mothers
    Women who've been divorced multiple times
    Women who have intimacy issues and/or don't like sex
    Women who have bad credit
    Women who have no career
    Women who are helpless and constantly need something done
    Women that are in 12-step programs
    Women that ask for a "loan"
    Women that are entitled
    Women that have anger issues
    Women that are manipulative
    Women that cry a lot
    Women that are uneducated
    Women that expect you to chase them and pay for everything
    Women that never pick up the check
    Women that have or have ever had a sugar daddy
    Women that haven't worked a day in their life
    Women who are Anorexic or bulimic
    Women that are age inappropriate for you (too old or too young)
    Women that are controlling
    Women that have been evicted from a home/apt
    Women that are professional victims
    Women that have benefitted from a slip/fall lawsuit.
    Women that are broke
    Social Justice Warriors
    Liberal Democrats

  • For the Daddy issues tip…maybe you should b encouraging the men not to take off leaving their daugthers in the first place. Growing up without a dad can't b the womens fault.

  • But here’s the thing their kids there are plenty of women that were raised well without men in their lives maybe the father passed away and they were raised well but just because the woman doesn’t have a father in her life doesn’t mean that she can’t be a good woman because the mother teaches her about Men. There good man and there are bad men. And if you have so many expectations as a man you will never be happy. It’s just like all these women especially in America there’s so many expectations all don’t date this don’t date that damn just be your own person you know this is what we live for. And a woman who is intelligent what understand that just because she might not have a father in her life it doesn’t mean that all men are terrible. I think some men need to realize that they need to be more open minded as well as many women out there…

  • Daddy issues are extremely important to explain and expand on. Another daddy issue is when the daddy is their hero and you will never live up to the daddy figure. A daddy who is successful and has spoiled the shit out of their daughter…o good luck…even if your successful you will never live up to daddy and will never be respected. If you meet a girl and there is an overfondness of daddy run away. If there is excessive talk about daddy good or bad….run away!!

  • I have fallen into the trap of trying to save some women. It seems to be in our DNA to help some women who are in a bad situation. We think we can save them and they will reciprocate our love. But what happens is that you will be resentful because they will use you! This is especially true of asian women who want a better life and see a man as her way out of her miserable life.

  • Avoid the, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, types b/c you will never be good enough for her, in her dad’s eyes, either! Women like that go thru men like water thru a faucet, each one trying to pole vault the moat daddy has dug out around her.

  • Woman in the 5% viewers and loving it! It’s just sound truth… it’s true that we girls look for the same things our fathers gave us.. good or bad! We women should be held accountable for what we “expect” and not just getting it because we are able to manipulate them

  • As a older man, 1 religious women 2 women with kids who live within 30 minutes from where she lives especially if she refuse to cut the apron strings for kids in their 30s and 40s you will not win 3. Stay away from women who a woman has been the head of a family full of girls you won't win the the strong independent feminist bullshit they claim they don't have last but not least fuck them all they all are no good.

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