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Chelsea breaks down the truths that college students should know, from the truth about finding a real job to learning how to budget. You can learn more about the transition from college to the “real world” in this video: https://youtu.be/8gIoqyhSP-w.

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  1. So, I usually agree with Chelsea, but if you’re entering a highly competitive field, it can often be necessary to have an unpaid internship, in order to have a chance at paid internships in the future. And once you have a paid internship it opens lots of doors when it comes to finding a job after you graduate.

  2. Take care of your health while you’re young so it doesn’t bite you in the ass later in life. Honestly take the $500 doctors bill to have your blood tested and get diagnosed now rather than the $50,000 hospital bill in 30 years.

  3. "you don't have to get a job in your field of study" and "college proves you can learn, expect to learn on the job"
    So true, I majored in physics and took one python programming course, my first "adult" job was as a programmer at a pharmaceutical company, they had a two month training program to teach me the program they use and about the pharmaceutical industry