$200 Million Dreamboat | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

There are mega-yachts, and there is the Solandge, a $200 million yacht filled with every luxury you can imagine. Some of the luxuries include four bars, an on-deck dance floor, a movie theater and more.

$200 Million Dreamboat | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

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  1. I'm confused for a boat rocks and sways riding the ocean blue. For how in the world does the staff and crew care for the crystal chandaliers and also the tree of life glass sculpture of lights in the stair way ????? How do you keep them from breaking on possible high seas ? Do you take them down and store them in a safe place each time you cruise ? For that seems to be the your only option and something anybody would dread to have to do before sailing.
    Or to be so rich, to not even care about these items to break and if they do , your enormous insurance would just pay to replace said structures of illumenence .
    But I do love this boat , I've seen it many times. <The dark royal blue is my favorite paint.
    So bold so revolutionary so beautiful. In other words brilliant structure . The vessel truly Grace's every where it goes.

  2. Big boats are an endless money pit. You need dock, mechanics, a crew, a captain, sometimes even a pilot (to navigate). And if you incur problems, forget it. Worse, a superyacht in the Caribbean or Med needs security too. So, grabbing a six pack and your mistress to go out for a few hours? Forget that too…

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