15 MIN DANCE CARDIO WORKOUT – 80s EDITION, burn calories and be happy / No Equipment I Pamela Reif [MTV]

ok – quarantine is kicking in for me haha.. a DANCE WORKOUT with 80s music – this is a guarantee to get into a HAPPY MOOD and put a smile on your face 🙂 even Dennis was smiling behind the camera! / Werbung

PS: ASK YOUR PARENTS TO JOIN! Mine were getting super excited when they finally heard “their kind of music” 😀 plus it’s beginner friendly. No Burpees or Jump Squats involved.

Listen, cardio is definitely NOT boring in today’s routine! I had the best time creating & filming this video. Felt a little shy at first, but after a couple of side steps I was definitely singing along. Thank god we remove the original sound lol.

When I did this routine 4x in a row (testing my workouts takes time) I burned the same amount of calories as I normally do during the other workouts!!!
Also nevermind the exercise names haha. The “Wood Chopper” should rather be called the “John Travolta”.


No Equipment needed & you can follow everything I do for 30 seconds. We don’t have breaks – but I’m pretty sure they are REALLY not necessary here. This is Beginner Friendly! 🙂


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▸ I update my workout playlist weekly & it’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody 0:00 – 3:57
2. Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love 3:58 – 6:36
3. a-ha – Take On Me 6:37 – 8:49
4. Madonna – Holiday 8:50 – 15:02


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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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  1. I only used to do weight training. I hated cardio! Now I’ve started to incorporate your dance videos into my routine! The only cardio that I actually enjoy! That’s Pamela!!!!!!

  2. I am getting more active since I got a new puppy and want to keep up with her high energy as she gets older. Hopefully these workouts will build my stamina (once my Raven is about 1.5 years old she'll want to have about 30 minutes of high exercise and 1 hour morning walk and 1 hour evening walk

  3. Maybe I'm just an odd one out here but I got sooo bored doing this workout. I don't like exercising which is why I only opt for other activities like dancing etc. But I just wanted to stop this one halfway through 🙁

  4. Wow just stumbled upon this. First full cardio workout I've been able to do since an injury last month. So much fun and Im not even tired, just wanna dance more! Def gonna sub and see what else you have.

  5. Hi, Pamela, I'm from Argentina. Due to my work activity as a programmer, the doctor suggested that I exercise. Gym and exercise. I'm already going to the gym, but I needed to wake up my bodies in the morning. Thank you very much for starting to accompany me all my mornings!! encouragement in your work

  6. Das tat echt gut nach so langer Zeit mal wieder 15 Minuten nur für seinen Körper da zu sein. Ich gehe schon auf die 50 zu und das tat sooooo gut. Ich sitz hier und bin schweiss gebadet. Danke für dieses so tolle Video. Mein Abo hast Du liebe Pamela.