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I've loved fast cars ever since I was 12 years old and I set my eyes on a poster of a white Lamborghini Countach. I'm an entrepreneur, investor, author, high performance coach, and a total petrol head.

I'm all about chasing excellence, embracing our masculinity, and becoming the best version of ourselves by navigating life with red pill awareness.

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  • Yeah, and on top it all. A woman can have all these ridiculous standards (even the 5 out of 10s), but if a man won't date their fat single mom's ass. Guess what? He is such a jerk!

    As a 5'7 guy, I even had ugly women tell me: It's the inside that matters. Maybe you should lower your standards and settle. I'm not ugly, I have a decent income, decent body, good personality and care about people around me.

  • You are so fuckin consistent i love your videos because you say it like it is. You are so much better than some of these dating coaches that say "MEN HAVE TO TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING EVEN IF THE GIRL IS UNJUST" Also, you are very balanced with both men and women on how they need to get their shit together, you dont favor one side over the other you speak truth. Thank you Entrepreneurs in Cars lol

  • Ok, so if you have kids you just have to accept being single forever? Great. This video makes me wish I was gay, because apparently men are just incapable of appreciating a woman as a person. She is only a "sex object" according to this guy. Awesome, that's a quote from a "feminist"? Awesome.

  • I think woman should shoot to look a lot like women on the home shopping network. They seem clean and neat and simple yet feminine. Not the Jewelry chicks though

  • Reality check 👉 You attract what you project and nothing last forever as forever does not exist!! Both men & women need to learn to love themselves first, take care of their mind, body & soul, be independent & confident but not arrogant, you need to know exactly who you are and if you decide to change, do it for you not for anyone else, dont give your power away and wake up to the fact that perfection does not exist. ✌️ & 💓

  • It's crazy how those women in the 4-6 range are the most likely to make the selfie pic looking down at their cleavage their main photo on their tinder profile. Then you meet her and find out her gut protrudes out further than her cleavage and yet she still looks at you when the bill comes expecting you to pay.

  • This is a great truth not everyone wants to hear or is even ready for it. Not generalizing but a considerable amount of people make their best to stay in la la la land. This vid is WORD

  • 1. Yes, have friends! 2. No addictions, commen sense. The looks, in the eye of the beholder… 3. Where you should put the kids? Back to where they came from? Jerk! (I don´t have kids.) 4. Not good either on men and TRP-men are in dark triad or insecure & naieve. 4. Yay, Nordic countries. Doesn´t matter. 5. So angry and weak man as TRP makes you angry and weak. Good to know. 6. The best people are feminists, they make world better place for everybody! 7. Not your damn business. My body, my choice. 8. Yes, animals are better than shitty men. 9. Yes, I have really bad taste to men and TRP-guy is a step way down. 10. Maybe I should be…You don´t have anything else to offer. 11. Why then I´ve so many men wanting to be with me and still I want to be a single? 12. Men fall with their eyes, women with their ears. But the biggest lie and the threat to marrige is Red Pill. PS. You can´t count. I´m very convinced that TRPs are losers.

  • My mother is the crazy animal rescue nutbar. It's so bad right now that I hate to go over to her house when she needs something. The house doesn't smell like a zoo b/c she does work hard to clean up after the dogs, but its just so goddamned frustrating when you're trying to do something and there are 6 dogs acting like fucking heathens.

    She has one female dog that barks whenever I try to talk so I have to repeat everything like 10 times. My mother also won't discipline or try to train them in any way. They could all be really good dogs if they just had some discipline.

    I couldn't imagine trying to date a woman like that. I don't give a fuck if she's rich and has the ass of J.Lo with the face of Olivia Wilde. I'm kicking those stupid fucking dogs and I'm leaving.

  • Funny how when men start listening to something everyone else starts following What man is hearing and saying. I wonder why that is?? I find it bad that on TV us men get shamed and are made to look stupid. But we cannot ever be the victim. IDK if you look at chucky or child's play the movie. I must say Chucky seems like a kid raised by a single mother!!!!

  • Love your advice!… Every so often I attend local singles events. The one very annoying pattern I come across, is women asking about what I do for a living within the first few minutes of saying “hi”. Just wondering… how do most of the guys on here handle such a question.

  • This video is spot on. I am a simple high value man. I have 4 criteria I look for. Can't be taller than I. I am 5 10. Can't weigh more than I. I am 160. Not Gemini and not vegetarian. Other than that I am open. Just want a woman who has my back. Even if I am wrong. Guess to much to ask. Thanks Rich.

  • This is by far my favorite video of all! Social media whores make me laugh every time. These points are all valid. I did have self-care before too, but I definitely improved further since seeing this. Thank you for the tips.

  • Women are the biggest liars! Women are just plain deceived ! They hold men to standards they don’t even follow! Talk about irrational! How does a woman lie on POF posting pics looking glamorous and gorgeous and thin- the guy shows up and she’s practically obese and not even CLOSE to looking like the pictures she posted , but somehow he’s a jerk for wanting the woman in the pictures to show up to the date ? Women are liars and fake. And IRRATIONAL beyond anything . The stories men tell me about women and dating is absolutely ridiculous.

    Women wear A ton of makeup, have fake breasts , they lie about their weight and expecting men to just be ok with it . (Catfish) They lie about everything, but when a man lies, all helll breaks loose. The small white lie a man tells is because he can’t reason with IRRATIONAL and he’s tying to not be killed .

  • Social media has destroyed women. If you can even call them that anymore. The problem lies here. Women share a photo on social media. It gets tonnes of likes by thirsty guys. This then inflates their self worth. They think that they’re way more valuable than they actually are. So a girl who is a 6, with her makeup and filters now looks like a 9. She gets all these likes and attention. So she actually believes she’s a 9. Then a guy comes along who is actually in her league. She won’t give him the time of day because she now believes that she is extremely valuable. Women need to learn that men don’t actually like your photos lol. They’re just tryna fuck you

  • Hey there! Just started to binge watch your channel. Great content! Two things. First, I didn't hear you mentioned tattoos along with the purple hair and piercings. Second, depending on the girl a push up bra goes along way. Can't sez I mind that at all…

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