10 Ways To MANAGE Your MONEY Better

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10 Ways To MANAGE Your MONEY Better
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How do I manage my money wisely?
How do i manage money?
How can we manage money after getting rich?
What’s the best way to manage my money?
What are important principles to manage money well?
Where did you learn to manage money?
What should all young people know about managing money?
How to manage personal finances?
What are top advices about how to manage money?
What are the life lessons you have learned about managing mone?
What are the best ways to manage money?
Which is more important, making money or managing money?
How do high-net-worth individuals manage money differently?
What do you need to know to manage your money wisely?
What are the rules of getting rich?
What are the best ways to manage money?
What are the rules of saving money?
What are the best rules to follow if you want to save money?
How do people get rich?
Best money rules to build wealth?
What are the fundamental money rules you need to follow to become wealthy?

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  1. I'm currently running a small business it's kinda hard to estimate income to do a budget because it's volatile but i kinda had 15%/10%/5% rule so i set aside 15% of my profit each month to invest on business , 10% in high yield savings account for down payment house , 5% for daily use

  2. Thank You, for this video, I begin my life money management in 1985 year. I know a long time ago, but the sooner the better, 1. I bought a home paid it off, two, clear up all debts, 3. Kept a money journal every since that time. I retired in 2015 because of this super practice day in day out tracking. Today I am totally financially set, I was clueless, had no idea what I was doing with less than 7th grade of schooling, If I can do this money thing anybody can. Number one thing is track your money. That it. Oh, start today. Thank You I always learn more about money.

  3. Learning about personal finance and setting specific goals with it (even if they are far off) really does pay off with your mindset. Get really organized with everything – list every debt and think about how much emergency fund you need, etc. If you are struggling – keep going!

  4. recently i started following up on into youtube financial channels and ive taken a deep dive into investing particularly foreign exchange rates as it interests me. Tried several means trying to figure out the best approach to build my portfolio until coming across Mr Anmol Singh in an investment webinar

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