10 Strategies for Success in Network Marketing with Gloria Mayfield Banks – 2017 Episode #8 – – Mindvalley

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Listen to top leader and earner Gloria Mayfield Banks as she gives the top strategies used by the best leaders and earners — #6 is awesome!


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  1. 1 animo
    2 sin disculpas
    3 Forma tu pensamiento
    4 presta atención
    5 habilidad
    6 para de trabajar y empieza a ganar
    7 no esperes que otras personas entiendan frustacion y espectativa no pueden estar juntos
    8 las 3 F 's Fe Friends (amigos) faces (rostros)
    9 tu historia
    10 intitulado

  2. #3 Shape Your Thinking
    This is something I've been working on lately. Much like you said in your interview with Johnny Wimbrey, it's the environment and the people we run with. It's very slight, but their subtle thinking has slowly become my thinking and actions. Needed to get back to a positive circle of influence.


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