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Empath Superpowers & POWERFUL Traits

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About The Video:

Empath Superpowers & POWERFUL Traits!

Empaths are here incarnated during this time period on earth in ever increasing numbers. They have a very important role at this particular time in history while the collective consciousness undergoes a profound cleanse.

Empaths are here to do a lot of that purging and facilitate this process.

Now, here… immersed in their mission… many empaths aren’t exactly happy lol.

It’s not an easy job!


But YOU chose to do it my friend and this video intends to transform your perception of what it means to be an empath.

It aims to help you see the MAGIC you possess and the BLESSINGS you carry.

As you shift your state of mind in regards to your abilities, you will learn that you can use them for transforming not only yourself… but others as well.

And this is the most satisfying thing in the world!

About The Author

Victor Oddo The purpose of this channel is to empower and help awakening souls through the challenges of the awakening process and transition into 4th density.

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  1. Thank you so much. Damn near cryin and shit lol. I appreciate this and needed this video rn. im an empathic person going through the tale end of narcissistic abuse and no one understands how much it hurts as an empathic person. Ppl like you that can help me understand my self when most others dont understand helps a lot, but you already know that and i know you know and part of why you do what you do. I appreciate that.