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  • Hey MR, I lived in Joburg , Africa in 1980s. No dogs, no blacks, no Irish. I am a Irishman. Now I am a entrepreneur in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Where I am still treated as second class citizen. I am a subscriber of yours for over 2 years because I like what you have to say. Your energy and words inspire me. Keep up your good work my friend. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. We are the government. The IRISH and the Blacks are and will always be ONE against the evil. Love ya 10/10

  • I really dislike the things you say doctor. You advocate for people to "get off the plantation" but what you really mean is to own your own plantation and have your own slaves. Capitalism is to the 21st century what feudalism was to the 19th and 20th, you need to stop telling people to worship systems of oppression and advocate people educate.

    Dr. Martin Luther king Jr wouldn't tell people that they need to get off the plantation by being business wavy. Everyday I loose more respect for you as you consisntently advocate people focus on your 1 dimensional ahistorical, apolitical, amoral perspectives.

    You are to Kanye West what Hillary Clinton is to trump. Two foolish people with minor distinctions who honestly believe they are different.

  • Boyce's conclusion is NOT the reason MOST entrepreneurs don't make money… 85% of ALL first time entrepreneurs and Venture Capital backed firms fail… MOST of them have sense enough to NOT try to launch 20 different projects simultaneously… so what is the REAL reason for this epic rate of failure?… it is due to a lack of knowledge… no one ever fails in any aspect of life, love, or business because of what they know… people fail in business for THREE (3) main reasons: 1) they don't know what they need to know; 2) they don't know what they don't know; and 3) they believe money is what they have been told it is…

    money is NOT what you think it is… the paper and coins that we use to buy things is NOT money…

    money is just like any other living thing… if you don't know what it is, how to get it, and how to make it work for you… even if you do get it… you will lose it….

    Boyce does NOT know what money is… this is why his business is failing… a lack of knowledge is the reason he is currently being sued and accused by others of scamming…

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