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  • Tony Robbins

    I have watched this twice
    Just to be certain my perception was not coming from a prejudice, perhaps skewed by my gender, personal experience, etc..,
    and still I feel as though you’re blaming this woman, for not only her weight gain, but the fact that she is a strong person… her husband (whom, BTW IS NO PHYSICAL IDEAL) has wounded her soul by saying in public he wants to LEAVE her because he is not physically attracted to her, despite the fact that he admires her strength, as well as her sense of humor… comments that intuitively lead me to think he’s interested in another person secretly
    And there is the grand finale when it seems as though two people who have been been brave enough to go through a public meat grinder, make a brake through.. or do they just want to throw in the towel emotionally..,
    Basically I feel like you’re advising women that they need to be submissive wimps in order to have a healthy relationship with a man

    You used to be my hero

  • This was really helpful. I've been with my husband ever since I was 16…I'm now 31 and he left a few days ago so I'm in a crazy place right now. It's odd TO ME that this relationship is very similar to my own… I chose certainty over everything else so I definitely pulled back n shut down on him, He was raised by his mom n has only sisters too…house full of women.this whole video just Resonated with me, this was n eye opener for sure! I'm going to try and work at rebuilding with him and because of this I have been able to take SOME of the blame off him and can see partly why he left. Thanks for sharing 💞

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  • oh man, I always make fun of people who engage in this kind of events, particularly these money-sucking self-help stuff.
    But this shit, it resonates. It's really for real. Every observation is spot on and truly honest.

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  • Mr Robbins seemed ok then about half hour in he starts pretty much abusing the lady, jumping to massive conclusions. Based on his own ego. Ugh. Creepy and completely out of order. Switched off at this point. Not nice ,

  • If Tony Robbins wants destroy his seminars then he should give more recordings to this woman to do some more voice over.
    If her voice was not irritating enough her comments are like people are retarded and we need her to save the day

  • In my opinion they lost their intimacy. God created marriage to be most intimate with the spouse. God even commanded to satisfy each other's needs sexually and emotionally. There is no guarantee that both can satisfy each other but each should do their very best to meet each other's needs.

  • Paul needs to leave because she is an insecure woman who hides behind humor and dominance.
    He is too weak for this woman.They are not a good match.
    She needs a stronger man and he needs a less domineering woman.
    They do not have a balanced chemistry.

  • Working on yourself is the most important thing you can do for any relationship. If you have overbearing insecurities it will bleed onto others. Knowing your worth helps you to see the worth of others in your life.

  • I'm 43 years old i got married at the age of 25 i have only two children and i was living happily. After five years of my marriage
    my husband behavior became so strange that I don’t really understand what was going on. He packed out of the house to another woman’s house and I love him so much that i

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  • interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how you know your marriage is in trouble try Nadazma Repair Partner Helper ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • This is an incredible video. I just stumbled on it while searching for communication in marriage skills. I never got why Tony Robbins was so influential until this video. I so respect this couple for standing up and airing their dirty laundry in front of everyone 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️

  • My Girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year and a half when she decided to move to Peru to join the Peace Corps. I always knew she was considering going but she did not want to ever talk to me about it, at one point a few months before she left, She told me she was leaning towards not going and staying in our hometown. Three weeks before the date she would leave she told me she was going. She told me she was scared to talk to me about it worrying I would react negatively, and that she wanted to stay together during her two year commitment. I felt that ending on good terms and staying in touch would be best for us and our possible future, but I ended up agreeing to stay together. I found myself heartbroken in the month following her departure, and I admit I made the mistake of acting needy and doubtful of our relationship, which she said ended up pushing her away. We broke up for good over four months ago and she told me her feelings has changed due to how I have acted. She asked I give her space and do not talk to her over the app we had been using to text/call. I was going to respect her request but it was hard because I really still love and care for her. I wanted to know how she was doing. I was worried that by not talking we will grow further apart/if I wait for her, She will not talk to me again.Than I have handwritten a few letters explaining my feelings for her .But she never reply, I did everything possible to bring her back but all was in vain. Our breakup almost lead me to frustration and unhappy life experience, so I went in search on how I can get my love back and how we can live in a happy life and get married. why trying to do that I did some search on the internet, well on my search I saw a YouTube testimony of a woman on how Dr Idahosa was able to restore back to her, her ex husband, immediately I copied the email address and decided to give a try, after all the procedures and instructions given to me by Dr Idahosa within the space of two week my love gave me a call and said she want us to restore back our love and that she was sorry for what has happened between us, due to the Love I had for her I quickly responded to her that I have forgiven her and told her to come back home, now my love and I are living happily again, all respect and honor to Dr Idahosa for the Help you have render to me and my family sir I pray God Strengthen you…. if you need his help you can email him via ( You can still save your marriage or Relationship if really you still love your partner.

  • Once again just amazing, I have watched 4 of these over an hour long seminars (and more I'm sure to go) and I am just in shock at the blessing this man has to communicate. I want to do the same thing he does. I want to be able to speak to the people and have them receive me and allow me to impress new ideals into their management strategies. Great job.

  • I’ve been in a 3 year old distance relationship and it started to crumble 2 weeks ago hence why I’m here lol. I’ve put all of my self worth and identity into this relationship but he’s starting to drift away… he still says he loves me but isn’t sure about our relationship and it’s killing me because I feel like he’s not putting in as much effort to keep this going as I am. I wish I could have someone like this help but my friends genuinely don’t even give a shit since we aren’t physically together at this moment they expected it to happen. It’s the most horrible feeling when you want to fix things but have no support and no idea how to fix shit. Props to this couple for BOTH equally wanting to get their relationship together. 3 years already feels like a lifetime of love I couldn’t imagine how horrible it must feel when you start struggling with 9 years of memories behind you..

  • my partner of 9 years (married for 2), has just left me. he said i have been controlling, naggy and that he has compromised for the relationship more than i have, i now realise i took the relationship for granted, but so did he. i have done the mistake of begging and pleading and crying and saying i can't live without him to no avail at the time. I am currently 8 months pregnant. I am doing no contact , currently 2nd week now. and i havent heard from him except to ask when my next obstetrician appointment is…. he also said before he left that he no longer loves me the same way…. does he still loves me? does he miss me? is no contact working? he is very stubborn – will he reach out??

  • Hi
    My is Norma
    Fist time that I watch this video, everything made sense, on my relationship I’m feel like the one has to think about others firs, not fighting for what I think is write for me
    I see that now I don care if they agree with me or not I just separate my self that way I don’t get hurt.
    I don’t give affection or aspected to Receive it.
    I become cold to my husband
    because all the times I being hurt I got tired of it, I been merry for 18 years.

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