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  • I’ve watched this video a dozen times and I still don’t understand why the millennials in the audience are laughing. Thirty years ago I walked into the work world scared and humble thinking, how do I fit into this already established world?

  • The real tragedy is that we have to have dude man chu talk about millenials in a position of power for anyone to even try to begin to understand the demographic. Yet y'all are supposed to be older and wiser.

  • You know what social media addiction is bad. But trust me, if you are not on social media, you are still gonna be depressed. Because if you are not on social media, everyone else still will be and you'll still be outta place. You need to be on social media in a little way. Check out people who are not at all on social media, they are mostly boring people who only do a job, get married and produce babies

  • 1:172:21 – My kids were born in 1994 and 1996. Several kids (including one of mine) had IEP's in school to "help" them. I never did like that. Even then I said "When does it stop? We do things to make things easier for these kids to learn, which sounds good, but when does it stop? Their entire school time can't be run that way (or so I thought), and even if it is, College won't work that way. And even if it does, your job won't work that way. You can't just go to your boss and say 'You have to do these things to make my job easier'. They will just simply hire someone else." If you keep making things easier throughout the growing up years, at some point it is going to hit the fan and reality is going to set in. And when it does, it's not going to be pretty. And here we are.

  • All that are not millennial’s problems, all that are human problems reoccurring time and time again.
    I suspect he is talking about the millennials not because he get asked about them a lot but because the generation is trending and taking power.
    Also the millennials population of North America does not represent the millennials population of the whole world.

  • If we blame ALL of our problems on "just being dealt a bad hand," we're gonna miss out on some important self-examination. Millennials know right from wrong but hate the idea of "absolute moral truth." It's restrictive. It's intolerant. Everything our parents and grandparents believe is simply outdated! It CAN'T be the answer! And partying is fun!

    I'm not like most Millennials. I'm 26 with a wife and three kids. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or watch Game of Thrones. I don't overspend on clothes to impress people and I have a work-life balance. I've replaced the Millennial life with a meaningful life, where seeking pleasure and entertainment are secondary to my relationships. Maybe more of my generation should give "traditional values" a try, because I've never been happier.

  • Blame on social media now ? many people making money out of social media and they succeed..
    Amazon is not social media ? they ask me the star the products and opinion..

    in the future, you want to have a better life ? born in rich family.

  • He's right about everything and at least in the Tech industry, where many of the big companies were started by Millennials, the value and quality of the work has gone down tremendously. When I started in this industry, some 30 years ago, I was mentored and paired with more experienced, wiser, employees. Today, wisdom is all but gone in the workplace. And it speaks to the it takes time thing. Today, a software engineer become a lead or manager with absolutely no industry or people experience – all because they wrote some piece of software in their bedroom. Think of this: for the founders of Facebook and Google, their FIRST JOB in the Tech industry entailed becoming billionaires and running a hugely influential companies almost overnight. No industry experience. FIRST JOB. And founders set the culture – which, if established wrongly, can have far ranging negative effects. That's a lot of power and influence for your FIRST JOB. It is insane. But, you can see how ill prepared these founders are when they have to face consequences. Mark Zuckerberg looks like deer in headlights when he addresses the media or the Government. That's because not a Leader, he's still an introverted college kid.

    And, to Sinek's point, the leadership today sucks. We have a leadership crisis. My brother teaches leadership in college and we talk about this all the time. "Leader" can be as simple of how many "likes" you got on a post or how many "followers" you have. I have "followers," must be a "Leader."

  • Is it different then 1955 when mom would scream to put the damn comic books down? Was it different when the Beatles and Elvis exploded, and parents were horrified? We think it’s different. We WANT it to be different. It’s not. We think a cell phone is different then a magazine in the bathroom? Laughable. It’s not. We’re programmed to be negative about the current state, the past state our brains only will remember the positives. As for the future? Poll after poll, it’s unanimous.l, we’re doomed! We think today is hard? 9 out 10 of us would of folded like a lawn chair during the depression. 2 world wars? Forget about it. We think today is so bad, and FaceBook instagram is poisonous. Laughable. Just another excuse to be lazy. To not want to work hard. Just another set of excuses. Same as 1955.

  • Why is this person blaming parents and corporations and again giving this generation an out for their bad behaviour? What a load of rubbish!
    It is their fault, they are in the world like everyone else, survival of this fittest!
    The ideas of how to get out of these behaviours are fine but good grief not making them responsible is irresponsible!

  • What a load of rubbish, had to stop watching after a few minutes when some man is stereotyping an entire age group globally and stating they received bad parenting and now they are spoilt, haha haven't heard something so stupid my entire life!!

  • I agree but I find that this problem stretches out to older generations who are into technology now, my own father is worst than me. I’ve been able to realize these downfalls before it grabbed a strong hold on me. A lot of older people though don’t see it in themselves… only in us millennials ! Who agrees?

  • The worst part is when that generations come to power (corporations) what will become the problem of future generations to come, on the another one side always become marginalised, and its better this way of decadance anyways, than for example victims of real wars slavery huger drugs diseaaes and alcohol and the world saw it all, so makig retards from new generations is kind of leser evil after all,who knows maybe they invent their ovn way , i personaly think that in this century with this advance in technology and mater knowledge to have hunger and poverty in world is idiotic, i mean you can regulate reproduction but to let poverty and hunger in the name of competition its the fault of your greedy generation and above, and the world is more organised tha ever, and i mean real orgas, in chierarchy, countries with unbalanced distribution of jobs , and controled migrations , from bad to worse for smaller countries, and where is freedom there? that is more of a free way of centralising power in the name of democracy , for me only hope and light out of this darkness is discover of free energy out of nowhere available to evry one that cannot be charged for and discover of great deposits and exploatation of material part of universe wich will nosense the greed, that 2. points could make turning point like when nuclear bomb ended all real possibilitis of war and made passive kings ,wich are btw like beacons of enslaved world


  • I disagree with this video.
    The real answer is that sometimes, it is okay to fail because it is not actually possible for the person in question to succeed. And, that is okay.
    Failure and success are all part of life and they need to be taken as destiny. All you can do is your best, and whatever you have done is in fact your best given all your limitations.
    Stop hurting yourself and blaming yourself when you miss out on a reward, and give yourself props for making the attempt, and while making the attempt.

    Be happy with the choice that you have made in the trip, as opposed to what victory or defeat the world hands you at the end of your journey. When you detach your mind and happiness from your struggle, you will be invincible. Then again, that's just my opinion. Everyone should follow their own personal opinion.

  • Sir I am a growing adolescent of 17. I am an Indian boy of Chandigarh, right now I am preparing for IIT-JEE I have the exam between 6th to 10th January 2020 and honestly right now I am very less prepared for the most important exam yet, I have been so busy in learning all these lessons through my personal life situations ……And at this moment i feel so happy to see you covering all the lessons I personally learnt in my life and tried to explain them to my parents family and teachers but none of them supported me ……..A very good friend of mine( a girl of 17 ) ….She is the only person who always keeps her faith in me …..I love her so much…… I always used to think that people around me like my parents and brother ……they really think below average and always force things on me ….They always tried to supress me just because i am different and I have experienced all these values that you mentioned in video ….i used to explain all this to my parents but nothing was working ……. but after watching this video …..
    Sir, I love you !

    I really want to meet you sir…….I know you are a very high and idealistic personality but I will find you sir through my talent hardwork and dedication…….In coming years we will meet sir

    And thank to you sir so much …….you multiplied my self esteem by so many times

    I feel so happy to see that people who think the same way I do exist.. just like you !

    You are amazing sir ……

    Sometimes i used to doubt myself in tough situations but now I am so proud of myself and i can see my life with a much clear resolution of life

    Thank you Team Fearless

  • But i don't think this is a millenial issue but an american issue actually. Growing up in Ethiopia, all we hear about about the U.S. is how easy it is and how young students are awarded for simple milestones such as "graduating" from kindergarden or HS. In my country you are expected to achieve all those things..I am a gen X and that's exactly what I saw when i moved to the US at 16! Shocked that some of my american friends were given cars, or thrown big parties because they just graduated HS — and it was an expensive boarding school, and in my case I better graduate because my parents paid for my tuition with the money that they didn't have!

  • This is a bunch of horse crap. Assumptions dressed up as assertions.

    Millennials want “free lunch and bean bags?” Come on, man, that’s so reductionist we’re venturing into absurdist stand-up.

    Millennials are threatening to Boomers because they are leap-frogging the old “American Dream” and creating their own future. Millennials are embracing tech in a way Boomers could only dream of. Instagram, Dropbox, Box, AirBNB, Facebook, Tumblr, Quora, Snapchat, Stripe, Lyft, The Honest Company, Oculus…I mean the list of companies started by and populated with millennials goes on and on. He’s a “leadership guru” that mocks people for wanting to “make an impact”.

    Basically this guy is a chameleon – he’ll say whatever his target audience wants to hear to elevate his brand and gain new clients. That’s all.

  • I think he's right about a lot. I think he's totally wrong about the role and responsibility of the Corporation. The Corporation's job is to provide a return on investment to their investors. It does this by providing a product or service that customers value, ideally in a free market. Their job is not to provide a nurturing environment for their employees or to finish the job of raising children. That they might choose to do these things or be forced to do these things as more millennials land in the job market is wholly different from the PURPOSE of the Corporation.

  • While this isn't untrue. The bigger issue is we're entering an era where intelligence (college education) isn't rare anymore. It's common. Before companies hired mouth breathers to do hard labor while they (college educated people) managed the books. Now, everyone has college debt and wants to manage the books. This means for the first time employers are needing to pay laborers more than the book keepers. Why? Because they're paying smart people to play dumb.

    This is a generalization of course. A computer programmer or doctor will obviously be fine for now. I'm talking strictly in a business where you have labor (service) and the management team of over sees them. Distribution, production, transportation, retail, and much of the service industry.

    Millennials value family time MORE than gen-X. We're not sacrificing seeing our kids grow up for a low wage at a company that'll fire us any day.

    So yes, these problems will persist for another 15+yrs until all the gen-X and boomers are gone. Millennials understand that a manager or supervisor should be paid significantly less than its workers who generate profit for the company. A complete 180 from the current model. Think I'm crazy all you want, it's going to happen.

  • Maybe it has something to do with wage stagnation for the last 50 years and the way the nation has structurally shifted to the political right. But, no, it must be something internal to ALL millenials, that must be the real answer.

    And this is from the guy who advocated for infinite global warfare on a TED talk.

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