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While most of the world is fascinated with the breakthroughs in communication, there is a silent revolution going on in health and wellness.  It’s Personal Genetics.

Getting Personal

When a technology becomes “personal” there is a major shift.

Computers went from corporate to personal in the 80s. Now we have computers in our phones, our cars, or TVs.  They have changed the way we work and the way we communicate.

The Internet went from military and education markets to personal in the 90s. Before that no one had an email address, Google search, a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Now we can’t imagine being unconnected.

But before these technologies got personal, there is no way we could have imagined how it would have changed our lives.  No one predicted Facebook in 1981. No one.

Personal Genetics

While scientists have been studying Genetics for the past 50 years and it’s been used in serious medical research for the last few decades, it’s just starting to get personal.

The personal genetics market is now where the personal computer market was in 1980.

Personal genetics is all over the news right now. See the clips below taken from local and national news stations around the US.

There is a company that will test your DNA and give you your potential for health risks. This company is funded by Google. It’s called 23&me.

There is also a company that can personalize skin care and nutritional supplements for you based on your DNA.  It’s more affordable than you think.   It’s called Foru International. (Full disclosure, I’m an investor with this company)

Just search the web for personal genetics and you’ll see more of the revolution.

Wellness professionals are abuzz, but it’s the consumer who will drive this trend.

Genetic Body Type

Research from Stanford University is underway right now that links specific diets with different genetics.

A high protein diet works for one body type while a low fat diet is better for another. Your genetics help determine how you should nourish your body. With the help of this technology we can determine the best teenage diet pills for your daughter with much less risk.

You can learn more about this from the book “The Hunter/Farmer Diet”, by Dr. Mark Liponis the medical director at Canyon Ranch.

The Future

Any new technology faces obstacles from being accepted. But technology always seems to thrive through these challenges.

Some scientists believe that in 10 years every doctor tickle your cheek with a swab and look at your DNA before prescribing medicine.  In 20 years it’s expected that a DNA assessment will be as common as a blood test… maybe more.

So what’s in your future?

What’s your personal genetics say about you?

Now is the time to stop wondering and start discovering.

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