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Three Keys to Facebook’s Success – Mark Zuckerberg

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The Facebook Founder and CEO shares what he says are the three keys to Facebook's success, including, cultural values and a focus on software engineers.

Teen Millionaires and How they Did It

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They made a million dollars before their senior prom. Now don't you feel like a loser?  You shouldn't. A big part of success is luck. The other parts are revealed here by these bite-sized mighty millionaires.

Would You Take this Pill?

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What if there was a pill that could make you remember everything, learn a language in a day, become wealthy and powerful?   http://www.theclearpill.com/

Warren Buffet vs Jay-Z, Part 3/4

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What does a 40 year old hip-hop mogul have in common with an 80 year old investment icon?  More than you could ever imagine.  Creating a "wow" in your product. Under-promise and over deliver.

Russell Simmons on Innovation and Business

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How do you go from Entrepreneur to Big Business?  Find others to help. Hip-Hop pioneer Russell Simmons talks to the Wall Street Journal about being an entrepreneur.

The Prize Inside – Kevin Spacey

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A powerful moment on "Inside the Actors Studio" as Kevin Spacey answers a question on how to survive the tough years. His insight can help any person in pursuit of any goal.

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