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R I S E – Ray Lewis

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Keep sitting on your butt doing nothing with your life.  Or watch this emotionally charged video tribute to one of the greatest football players of all time. Then get up and do something. Man, this could motivate a tr...

Rise and Shine

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Amazing and awe-inspiring video that looks like it could have been done by Nike or Rebook. But it wasn't.  It was created by aspiring filmmaker Even Ødegård who just wants you to get motivated and inspired to get movi...

You Can Do That

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There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone live their dreams.  Nick Selby, a Georgia Tech sophomore gives a freshman convocation speech that will go down as one of the most inspiring of all time.  Just watc...

Movie Motivation

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40 inspirational speeches from the movies in 2 minutes. It's like a trailer for all the movies that will get you out of depression and back on track to ruling the world. "They will never take our freedom!" <--- My ...

What Makes Things Funny

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Every wonder why some things are funny to you but not to some else?  The Humor ResearchLab at University of Colorado has discovered a the extraordinary thing that makes things funny.