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Find Your Greatness

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Nike finally gets it. We're all great.

The Ultimate Transformation – The Arthur Boorman Story

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Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran who was told for 15 years he'd never walk without crutches for the rest of his life, took up yoga and gave the world a gift -- the most inspiring transformation you've ever seen. It'...

My 120 Pound Journey

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If you want to lose weight, you are about to get some inspiration. Ben Davis courageously shares with the world his inspiration and journey to lose 120 pounds. Set to the beautiful Cold Play song, "Fix You".   Weight ...

Don’t Ever Give Up – Derek Redmond’s Story

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This true story of hope, tragedy, and inspiration at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 will leave you in tears. You'll get up and get back to that thing you quit and you'll go help someone who has decided not to quit.