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Why Do People Quit?

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CEOs quit leading. Athletes quit working out. Sales people quit selling. Couples quit their marriages. People quit every day. In huge proportions. They quit their diet. They quit their exercise. They even quit "...

Teach Questions, Not Answers

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Lawrence Krauss has an argument for changing the way we teach.

The Three Pillars of Success

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Tony Robbins shares how clear goals, a specific strategy and the resolution of inner conflicts are the three things that ensure success in anything you want in life.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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T. Harv Eker gives you a blueprint for wealth by starting with the way you think about money

Day 25 – The Psychology of Wealth

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The mental side of money is discussed. Tom Wood and the late Jim Rohn share strategies for developing a millionaire's mindset.

Day 17 – Self Esteem

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Tom Wood and Dr. Denis Waitley teach you how to increase your self-esteem, how you value yourself. Your happiness demands it.

Day 6 – The Unlimited Power of Belief

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Tom Wood and psychologist Dr. Janet Lapp discuss how belief plays a major role in your happiness.

Day 1 – The Psychology of Success

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Tom Wood and Less Brown share their secrets for creating a mindset of achievement.  This is the first in a 30 day program on developing life mastery. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the course delivered to you each...

The Power Pose

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Amy Cuddy's science of how your body language not only changes how you communicate with others, but more importantly how you communicate with yourself could radically change your life... in just two minutes! But it...

Can Money Buy Happiness?

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You may be surprised at how much money matters to your happiness. The science behind this video might change your mind about how you look at your earning power.

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