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Change Your Story Change Your Life – Tony Robbins and Peter Guber

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"Change your story, change your life." Hollywood Producer, Peter Guber interviews Tony Robbins in this interesting look at how our stories affect our happiness.  Winning Voices - Peter Guber and Tony Robbins

Sweeping Change Takes Sweeping Courage

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Clemens Walter, founder of Buy or Burn, tells his story of going from his frustrated job to starting his own business.  This story will inspire the youth around the world to live their own life and be happy.  Happines...

The Power Pose

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Amy Cuddy's science of how your body language not only changes how you communicate with others, but more importantly how you communicate with yourself could radically change your life... in just two minutes! But it...

The Spirit of Brotherhood

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An inspiring story of love, brotherhood, friendship and kindess - no matter who you are. Sports Illustrated Kids of the Year for 2012. Conner and Caden will light your day.  Featuring Lebron James.

For the Love of the Game

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Mitchell Marcus is a disabled manager on his high school basketball team. He gets his shot to play in the final game of the year, but can't score no matter how hard he tries.  What happens next will restore your faith...

Breakfast, Lunch, Hugs — Tim’s Place

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My faith in humanity is restored.  Down Syndrome is nothing!  "Do what you love and happiness will follow"

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