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4 Hour Everything – Tim Ferris and Peter Guber

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"4 Hour" book series guru Tim Ferris tells the stories that inspired him to become #1 kickboxing champion and then #1 selling author and entrepreneur. He sees failure as feedback because of the influences in his life ...

Drop-Out to Billionaire – Richard Branson

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Harry Smith from CBS interviews Richard Branson and discovers he was a dyslexic high school drop out who started his first business at age 9. An eye opening look into the life of one of the most successful people of o...

Look Me in the Eyes – Michael Jordan

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What's behind the look of a champion?  Watch this 61 second video and discover what Michael Jordan knows. Well, what some very good writers from the Nike ad agency say he knows.

Challenges to Pursue

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Jim Rohn is so clear, concise and memorable. Without raising his voice he makes you want to stand up, march forward and change your life for the better.  In this 15 minutes he convinces you that there are some challen...

The Power of a Yawn

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All business is social. So is yawning. This funny short video was made as a prank, but it reveals a significant psychology every leader should know. We all yawn.  But why is it contagious?  The answer is not bec...

“That’s How Winning Is Done”

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Rocky Balboa gives it straight to his wimpy son. Bam.  From the 2006 movie. Awesome!  "Don't forget to visit your mother"

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