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Change Your Story Change Your Life – Tony Robbins and Peter Guber

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"Change your story, change your life." Hollywood Producer, Peter Guber interviews Tony Robbins in this interesting look at how our stories affect our happiness.  Winning Voices - Peter Guber and Tony Robbins

Secrets to Success – Will Smith

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A video-mix of Will Smith quotes from a several interviews on TV .  Watch it. You'll get it. The dude won't quit. "I want to represent possibility. I believe that I can create whatever I want to create."  Thoughts are...

Drop-Out to Billionaire – Richard Branson

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Harry Smith from CBS interviews Richard Branson and discovers he was a dyslexic high school drop out who started his first business at age 9. An eye opening look into the life of one of the most successful people of o...

Look Me in the Eyes – Michael Jordan

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What's behind the look of a champion?  Watch this 61 second video and discover what Michael Jordan knows. Well, what some very good writers from the Nike ad agency say he knows.

Michael Jordan on Failure

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"I failed over and over and over in my life. And that is why I succeed".  This Nike ad will motivate you in 31 seconds.

Motivation Mashup 2013

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A mashup of clips from top speakers, celebrities and movies that will inspire you to dream, do, achieve.

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