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Three Keys to Facebook’s Success – Mark Zuckerberg

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The Facebook Founder and CEO shares what he says are the three keys to Facebook's success, including, cultural values and a focus on software engineers.

Billion Dollar by Design

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Basquiat Picasso has painted a beautiful 5-minute film made of of inspiring clips from some of the most famous millionaires and billionaires of our time.  Includes advice from Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bil...

Warren Buffet vs Jay-Z, Part 1/4

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What does a 40 year old hip-hop mogul have in common with an 80 year old investment icon?  More than you could ever imagine.

The Power of a Yawn

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All business is social. So is yawning. This funny short video was made as a prank, but it reveals a significant psychology every leader should know. We all yawn.  But why is it contagious?  The answer is not bec...

The Business of Fear – 50 Cent

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Rapper 50 Cent speaks to the BBC about his 2009 book, "The 50th Law".  From street hustler to music mogul, he explains how fear played a role in helping him make decisions.  Fascinating look into one man's perception ...

Insane Networking with Facebook Graph Search

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How would you like to meet 1000 people who want to help you out? Facebook's Graph Search feature is the ultimate networking tool -- You can use your network for everything from making new friends, to finding local ...

The Soul of Leadership

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Deepak Chopra speaks to Google executives to help them "unlock their potential for greatness." Ummm... hello...if they get any greater, they will invent cars that drive themselves.  Oh, wait, they already did that.