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My name's Tom Ross, and welcome to my Youtube channel! In my day job I'm CEO at, an awesome community of 400,000 creatives. However, by night, I'm 'The Honest Entrepreneur', working to help as many fellow entrepreneurs as I can with their online businesses. This is my passion. I'm not selling anything, I just get the biggest kick out of bringing other entrepreneurs value, geeking out with them over business, and helping them to grow, both personally and professionally.

On this channel you'll find my weekly Youtube show, The Honest Entrepreneur, as well as regular extra content, from interviews, to casestudies, live calls with my tribe, and much more!

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  • Thanks so much for watching this week's episode. Please do feel free to share your own struggles with mental health if you feel comfortable doing so. I think it's so important we remove some of the stigma and support one another. Being an entrepreneur is tough enough without bottling it all up!

  • Lovely episode Tom! I agree wholeheartedly with the points in this one. Therapy was a lifesaver for me – helped me work through some huuuge life events and eventually got me in touch with a doctor who managed to pinpoint the neuro issues at play. When I think back to what my headspace looked like before and after therapy/medication I want to take younger Rae by the shoulders and march her into the therapist’s office as early as possible!

  • If you had the wisdom and benefit of experience that you have now, do you think you and your company would be where you are now if you hadn't worked as hard as you did years ago? How would you have done things differently? Looking back, did you really get as much done as you thought you were? Would you have set different expectations? I hope what I'm asking makes sense. Nothing is worth working yourself to death but you still have to work hard and I know that means different things to different people. I guess I still don't really know what that means to me.

  • Great episode, Tom – I can definitely relate to several parts of it. I tend to have the issue of feeling like tasks balloon almost out control when I start thinking about them and have those of swings of feeling super energetic and motivated typically in the morning, then somewhat burned out later in the day with some disappointment at not having accomplished all the things I wanted to. More and more lately I've been worse at carving out some personal time and feel like I'm working around the clock. I appreciate you bringing up and sharing these points and your experience with them, Tom.

  • Great show once again! It’s always a struggle to keep your mind focused and not get sidetracked by emotions – valid though they may be. Think it’s important to be able to step back and breath daily!

  • This was fantastic! I had a truly difficult childhood then a massive culture shock in post secondary. I was so stressed out while hustling my ginormous college workload, my nervous system broke. I developed fibromyalgia and it ruined my quality of life. Fast forward to more unfortunate life events and I had a full breakdown. I now understand better then most the importance of self care.
    Rewirring the brain is a thing that helps! Neurobiology is helping us understand how to change the way we think in order to help us cope.
    I’m a mental health advocate and I fully recommend therapy during struggle!

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