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  • Coming from Germany, I don't understand why you should save money for taxes when taxes are automatically paid on every item and service you buy…?
    Is it different in the USA?

    Also, taxes are already paid when receiving a wage.

  • 17:30 If you want to put in 5% of your 3300 into your cash for real estate account. And he says you see "that sucker grow and then you suddenly have 185 grand". Well if you do the math it turnes out you need montly a 10000$ check and this for 30,83 years. Have 2-3% inflation rate on the us dollar and your 185k in 30 years will be only 75-100 grand actual value 😀 (it means 185 grand will lose half of its purchasing power) … If that was an example to give everyone a good feeling, the people actually listening seem to be pretty dumb – still good video and the intention is right I guess. Teaching people common sense…

  • This video was on my recommended pane. Watched the entire thing, but I didn't learn until several minutes in that this was directed toward real estate agents. It would've been nice to have something in the title about that.

  • the very last slide is what the upper middle class do. the richest people in the world dont handle money like that. the richest peoples chart has a category called "bribes" or maybe even "political donations" the very richest people understand that you cant make yourself rich. there is no honest way to the very top. to get to the very top you need to not only make your own money, but you need to take the money other people have made it too. the more you can take and get away with, the richer you will be. and when you take that money you then reinvest some of it back into the system to continue to rig it to only your advantage. the very richest people have done this cycle SO many times that the country is rotted from the inside out. the very richest people have never bothered to work an honest days work in their whole life. working is for peasants. they make 100% of their money from the peasants them selves, by finding ways to cheat them out of money at various points in whatever system they have made. the richest people in the world just hire people to manage that extra money for them as well. they dont ever have to really look at it. they focus 100% of their effort in to rigging and legally stealing.

    and if you ever forget, just remember what trump did as a child. he had some blocks, his brother had some blocks. he asked if he could use his brothers blocks and then he made a block tower out of them. he then glued all the blocks together and kept the tower for himself. he has never changed. thats all he did to continue to become rich. you find other peoples money, figure out a way to make it into your money and then do it again. thats his whole life story.

    Walmart? steals its employees productivity, knowing that the government will pay for the shortfalls they encounter. same with McDonald. this scheme is very widespread. it is the very heart of corporate greed. you might also ask yourself. well who are these people? are they democrat or republican? the answer is.. neither. they are whoever they need to be. they understand that you can rig the system from any side with any talking point and any idea. right now they are currently exploiting the republican side the most, but in the past they have heavily exploited the democrat side and still exploit it.

    when trump took office.. (one of these cheating 1%) what did he do? he gave himself and everyone like him a nearly 3 trillion dollar tax cut and he lied and said it was to "stimulate investments, to grow the economy, create jobs" remember trump "used" to be a democrat. now he is republican and he will change again any time he feels like he can get more from another side.

    and the very richest most powerful people in the entire world? own the private corporations we call central banks. corporations that have all the rights and abilities of any other corporation, but who have accounts with unlimited funds and immunizes to every law on the books. the they law proof, arrest proof and audit proof. even if they do somehow ge into some sort of trouble, they have an account with no balance, or rather, infinite balance. they will just write a check to whoever they need to write it to and all their problems go away. that could be the queen, the president, other gov officials, judges. basically anyone who exists. and they do. but we will never ever know for sure who they gave money to how or why because they are audit proof. they are exempt from all oversight. why? because they wrote checks big enough to make that happen. you see, money is power and they have all of it.

    and now that you know this you can play the game on an equal footing. at least, knowledge a based footing anyway.

  • Only God who gives or takes money from you, with helping poor people and donate some even you don't have enough your money will grow and grow. Having money or not, just be honest and be thankful to Allah.

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  • So this all requires me to own my own business lol? I'm confused by that how can you be an llc if you work for an employer? You're basically cucked if you work for a health system lol?

  • So he jumped straight from having once check to checks and one account to accounts without explain how to get from a to b and how to make thousands of dollars to do so. Ok I’ll get right on that 👍🏼

  • What if you always worked your a** off since you were 14 whilst going to school, and at the age of 21, all of your savings were used to pay your parents debts? I don't have that "tool" called money anymore, and I am so busy with University and personal issues, health issues, that I cannot afford to have a part time job right now.
    Anyways, I hope my parents will give me back at least half of the money I lend them so that I can start making some stock market investments again.

    By the way, before you accuse me of being selfish, I already gave my parents hundreds of Euros without asking them back, but now we are talking about thousands of Euros that I was saving for future investments…

    Also, I have been doing this method since i started earning money. Even when I was 14 and held cash in my hands, I used to split them in three groups: "savings", "family expenses", "school expenses/public transport pass".

    I think it's just common sense to calculate the money that actually gets into your savings, by subtracting the amount of money you'd spend for taxes etc…
    My parents are the 80% kind of people. As soon as they get the money, if my brother asks for something, they are just gonna hand him all the money he needs, and then realise that they actually needed that money for other more important matters. So they come to me, ask me for money, and complain with me about their perpetual financial situation that has never changed in 30 years.
    I feel sorry for them, but they won't listen to my advices.

  • I don’t trust people who hold things like these. Life coaches, evangelists, politicians, whatever. You look and speak like this, I’m not going in a closed room with you. I’m certainly not paying to see you

  • A few life style changes and determination helped me save money and we were able to pay off our $400k mortgage in 5 yrs of buying the house. This motivated me to share my money saving tips on my channel too! I enjoyed your video unlike some of the comments here! Keep making more!

  • Rich vs. Poor
    The most important difference is.
    Rich: Invest
    Poor: Consume

    New York City currently has apartments worth millions of dollars. No one can live in them, except the rich. But even they don't live in them. So, you wanna know why they purchase them? Because they expect the values of those houses to increase within a couple of years when they sell them. While your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S9 or whatever will for sure lose its value within the next couple of years, if you want to sell it.

  • I'll take care of soul and put my faith in God, at the end of it all money is the root of all evil and I care nothing for material… To those who's gonna say I'm speaking mumbo jumbo that's cool God bless you but your life and the things you have to go through to be "happy" was NOT your creators intention for you here in this place. Don't spend all of your money but be happy with what you already have and know that when u leave here, none of this crap matters. Love you all!

  • Last week I Bought a Bitcoin from Local Bitcoin websites. So My bit coin is still in the Localbit coin #Wollet# . And I have also Blockchain wollet. May I transfer to bitcoin wallet From coinbasr wollet or Transfer into Blockchain wollet. Bother wollet are safe . And How many days I can have bitcoin in coinbasr wollet.
    And what is the Best way to save Bitcoin online or .. ?
    Bcz I am new so …

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