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  • Potential is very important in life. People, who said, I'm not enough you are good, you just don't find your potential yet. Potential is just another way to acknowledge life. Ali Muzaffar.

  • I have written a book when I was in class 9, named as The Grand Impeccable Universe. In which I have discovered various formulas that solves various mysteries of universe. And also proved things like mysterious healing and positive thoughts, But I couldn’t published it.

    Thus I need your support and power of speech in order to express myself to the world.

    Since from my childhood, the nature fascinate me. This was the initial stages of my curiosity. Everyday the6re was a new challenge for me, whenever I try to solve something, the nature complicate it. I formulated various reasons why and how this nature, so called natural phenomenon are happening. My teachers and professors were quite satisfied with my answers, that in courage me to move further.

    I would like to tell you a small incident of my life, which is actually the most memorable part of my life, that changed my life for forever.

    I was busy in my own world, I don’t know what science is. But I just love, to solve the mysterious forces that surround us. Until a meet a person at 12: 30 PM, at that time I was in class 7 and he is my science teacher, which later became one of my best friend. His name is Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra.

    At 12: 30 PM he took a class, ( a class of 46 students ) and said, what a kind of people you are. I never seen anyone of you asking questions to me. Are you a science student, are you! Who never asked a single question. I want each and everyone to ask me a question whenever you don’t understand a thing or just ask, if you have a curiosity and willing to learn the science. And also, I will not start the class until you ask a question.

    Although my brain used to busy itself with the natural phenomenon. But I was really afraid to ask a question to anyone, as because sometimes it’s weird.

    This was the first time in my life, where I’m having someone in front of me and asking to ask a question. At that moment, I have a friend beside me, named Mrityunjay and Arpan.

    They looked at me and said, what’s happening, what are you thinking.

    I said, guys I really want to ask a question.

    They said, wow that’s great, they in courage me and said go man go, it’s your day.

    My heartbeat, consciousness, and body function all crossed their limits. I failed to make coordination in between these three. My friends we’re like, go and ask. And I was like standing and preparing myself for the situation and I loses confidence and sit down again. This happened again and again more then 5 to 6 times, then a time came, when I was final ready to go and ask a question.

    My teacher was sitting on the chair and I was moving towards him. At that time, I don’t thought about the kind of question I’ll be asking. I don’t know, what I’ll be doing there. Somehow I managed to go and stand straight in front of my teacher.

    And he said, what?

    I said, Sir can I ask a question, it’s not related to our textbook. Sir was smiling, and I was afraid.

    Sir replied, yes of course.

    At that time, I was not even confident about my question, like what I’m going to ask. But finally I asked one, and I remember the day and his way of explaining the answer. I don’t know what happened to me at that time, but it touched my heart. I came back to my sit, and thinking something.

    My friend said, what did you asked, and what you are thinking.

    I said wait, I have another one to ask. They were just starring at me. I get up, and prepared myself for the question.

    And in this way, continuously I go and came back then again go with a question, and come back with an answer or sometime I explained the answer to my teacher.

    At that time, I stood in front of my teacher and continuously asking questions, until the bell rang.

    That was incredible part of my life, where for the first time I understood the meaning of science and got to know teachers are really great.

    ” His behavior and a kind of expression, let a impression on my soul, that says for the very first time in my life that, I’m not afraid of asking questions.

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