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  • If you are going through something then I know that you will get out of it and I’m not just saying that just to make you feel better, I’m saying this because I know that you will get out of this and people might think “oh you are just saying that” or “oh you aren’t really that depressed” forget all the people who say stuff like that they have no idea what you are going through as you are the only one that say what you are really going through and how you can get yourself out of it. If you think that I’m just saying this to get likes or get attention then no I’m not somebody that does that I met people who are actually like this and have no soul and no heart to people who actually are going through things and just use them it makes me sick to my stomach. If you want to talk to someone about your depression then you can always talk to me and feel free to comment and let all the pain and feelings come out of your body and I will give you my advice if you want it, I would really like someone to talk to because I care about society and the world people think that I’m crazy and. Judge me by my appearance and it sucks and my older cousin sexually harassed me when I was a kid I didn’t know what to do I was barley getting to know how the world works and I haven’t seen in year until he moved in my house and I can’t even feel safe anymore in my own house and I worry for my younger brothers who sleep in the same bedroom as my cousin who knows what he is doing with my brothers. If you need to talk, I’m here for you

  • I want to want to walk away from the depression I even look for the information I’m so dead inside it doesn’t even matter because even though I have the motivation to find the how I have no motivation to even do what I want it sounds nice but why get up everyday when I can’t even do anything when I do get up or I finally get the motivation to start and everything under the sun that can go wrong goes wrong? But when I stay in my room away from everyone and everything I’m fine. 100% fine. Then I go out into the world and smash my face on anything and everything that comes my way. And you wanna tell people to just do it. You know bike only tell people that because they slave their workers. Why get up and go into a world when it’s not even my pain that drops me to my knees it’s everyone else’s. It’s the rudeness and disrespect. Who want to go out into a world knowing no one is going to be nice and respectful no one ever has a smile on their face and no one is ever happy. Why do that to myself? To pay my bills? So I go and slave for this fucked up company for them to do nothing but lie and make broken promises to hundreds of thousands of people world wide. So the owners can live happily and comfortably while the people actually doing the work gets fucked over and fucked up every day in every way? I don’t want to lead by example anymore by being the best me I can be when it gets me absolutely no where but fucked up and stepped on and fucked over.

  • Loved watching this something In this video clicked with me. Was feeling really low today somehow found this video such a powerful message. I’ve saved this to my favorites and I’ll keep watching whenever I feel so crappy thank you so much for this video x

  • This was great, I have been researching "organic ways to beat depression" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got great results with it.

  • I just want my parents to stop comparing me to others.. I always feel like I'm a failure, like I can't do anything right on my life. I always have a suicidal thought cause I'm tired already. I just need someone to talk to someone who will listen to my pain and someone who finally understands me

  • At about 1:00: people might say “a guy missing an arm or something has good reason to get depressed but you are ok and have money therefore you have no reason to be depressed.” That’s just it, you don’t need a reason. Still I’m not sure if the random voices presented are supposed to be good or mocking but I don’t like this approach.

  • The Voyage of Return

    I set sail across the desert to leave the pain of misery.

    Searching for the ocean, I have heard so much of its splendid beauty

    and tranquility.

    My sails were full of the hot desert air as I passed motionless dunes.

    I remember what was said to me when searching for content afar.

    “For man is never content as he seeks contentment when he cannot seem to find it.”

    I looked out across my bow and noticed an oasis drawing near. I saw

    a weary traveler with camel at hand, getting drink from the cool.

    Our I eyes had met and I let down my sails and it mysteriously drew me there

    and coasted to his near.

    He asked me, "Son, where does your journey take thee?"

    I replied, "Far away from the pain and misery and to the great ocean of

    splendid beauty and tranquility:”

    He turned and drank another drink from the cool, looked back at me

    and asked, "My Son, what is the heaviest load a man can carry?"

    I pondered, what an odd question he was placing upon me, and could

    not think of a satisfying answer.

    He knew I was alone and puzzled. He spoke, "A grudge, my Son -for he cannot see clearly ahead because of his pains and becomes an inmate of the past."

  • Not sure if I am depressed, but I have lot of negative thoughts and partly social anxiety. Suicidal thoughts occures every week, and I get these moment of despair, with crying and a feeling that everything is hopeless..

    I have a social job, but I`m always nervous inside and my pulse is high. When I see familiar faces, I often try to avoid them. I actually have no friends, and doesn`t have the resources to find someone. All I want is a family life, with wife and kids, but on the other hand I am unsure whether I am built for such a life, and if I have what it takes to be a father or a husband. Either way, women don`t like me. I fell weak, espescially as a man it is expected that we are strong.

  • I’m so tired of living my life feeling so helpless and hopeless. I can remember early symptoms as a child. I’m tired of feeling like my brain is foggy and everything is stopping me. I’m so tired of trying so hard to move past it and getting knocked back down. Years of it. The medication and the therapy and it still seems so far away and impossible. I just need to know it’s possible and that real people made it through and if I can.

  • I want to give you something dear friend…

    A compassionate heart
    A loving touch
    A gentle smile
    A warm embrace
    A listening ear
    A kind word
    A hope filled future
    A purpose filled life
    A brand new start
    A desire to live
    Your dignity and respect
    Complete forgiveness
    …and so much more

    If you are missing your life dear friend
    then cry out to me.
    I love you much more than you know.

    -The Lord Jesus Christ

  • I Suffer From Depression Blood Pressure And Anxiety . It Be Sometimes I Rather Be Dead Because Everybody Hates Me For No Reason . Is Like I Take A Shot To Take The Pain Out If I Wasn't Drunk I Probably Blow My Brains Out .My Goals Is To Be A Role Model For Autism Is Difficult Because Autism Is Misunderstood . All I Need Is A Good Friend That Can Help Me Whenever When I Go Through Hard Times . Being A Young Role Model Is Difficult Because Everybody Trying To Take You Down And Take Advantage Of You . Our Father Please Help Me Find A Special Friend That I Can Depend On In The Future . Please Our Don't Let The Devil Take Me Down Or Stab Me Because I'm In This World For A Reason . No Matter What Life Throws At Me I Will Not Give Up Or Surrender That's For Damn Sure Fuck What Everybody Think About Me . If People Don't Like Me Of Who I Am Is There Loss Big Time . I'm A King Of Autism Nobody Can't Destroy Me Or Take The Crown Off My Head That's For Damn Sure Fuck What Everybody Think . #AutismSpeaks# #StopJudgingMePlease# #AutismRoleModel# 💯💯💯

  • I feel useless, i overthink always. Negatives eating me all the time. I feel like im a dissapointment to my mom. Who strive hard. My dad doesn't care for me. I feel like everyon around me will help me and drag me down. And to those who help me. I am a dissapointment to them bcs they help me but i feel like im not worth it at all.

  • I made my sister listen to some of this to show her how I feel and what I have to listen to to help me cuz of depression and that she's been horrid for nearly 6 more years and it has made me feel worthless and I can't cope

  • I was literally crying through half of the video, but then the ending gives me hope. I'm gonna show up. Life hits you and it hits you hard, but I'm not afraid of getting up. I'm gonna be happy and show the world what I can do. 🙂

  • Not thankful for my depression. Better for it when I am over it but those that haven’t been there should not say it’s good for me. It’s hard and those who haven’t don’t get it.

  • Even walking terrifies me. I fear everything. Everything around me can collapse any time and i'm scared. I can't make plans for my life cause too many things are uncetain. Please help me say you fear as i fear. Help help help.

  • Man the real heroes are not the ones that succed ,but the ones who fails and get beaten by life ,but they rise up again and again.. forever,that's a TRUE HERO. NEVER GIVE UP!

  • I'm 53 now and I feel like I'm losing everyone around me… I hate it so much.. My best friend that I've known since I was 3 is slowing fading away because of his liver and kidneys.. Over the past 2 years I've lost my Wife, my grandparents and my sister.. Now a close friend..

  • I don't agree with some of these quotes and speeches you can't just tell someone who's going thru depression and anxiety "oh it's just life" like what? No its not. It's a living fucking hell that you can't escape. If it were that easy don't u think we'd all be happy go fucking lucky

  • I'm just tired of this shit to be honest. I'm 19 and I've never had any close relationships, and I'm losing hope for ever finding people who I can connect with. Have been in a mental prison since I was 15, and I feel like literally nothing has changed for years. The same shit day after day

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