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  • Richard, just curious:

    how many employees did you go through before you found your best/current employees?

    edit: is it possible to find them quickly with the right process, or do you have to burn through a lot of them regardless?

  • What this guy is looking to do is moving away from being an"expert" (music teacher) to a business owner/babysitter… Much different skill set… There is so much more to this than what you could ever cover in a 20 minute video… People management is a much different skill… It too me years to get good at it… You will have to get your head out of "I'm an expert at (whatever)" and start learning that skill

  • If you need help, hire on contract. You may pay a little more for a contractor but they are usually motivated entrepreneurs. Hire them for a project or for a defined period of time then cut them loose.

  • Learn the Pareto DISTRIBUTION and/or Price's Law. Know that most of your effort and/or your employees come from a VERY finite place. Invest in the "stars" and get others to manage the fillers. You have to have fillers in order to find the stars that is just how life (the distribution and law) works.

    I would start by hiring the first person to replace what I did or my weakest spots so that I can do more of the good things. In this case look at hiring someone to market, take care of the books (but still look at them & understand) or other mundane tasks while you focus on teaching and creating content online etc…..essentially an office worker who has previous experience in managing a business and/or people so that you can expand later and let this person do the managing of people so you can focus on your strengths; TEACHING it seems is your skill/edge that others can't compete with or replicate. If it isn't then find your edge/skill that you are a star in. If you get enough business to hire more teachers and you want to scale that way then the office manager can manage the people and you can focus on training the teachers on how to teach the students ONLY, enhancing your skill/edge.

    Going out and learning how to manage people (learning labour laws, etc.) and changing your whole way of life is a WASTE of time. Work on your EDGE/SKILL and let others do the stuff you can't or don't want to like COOP said!

  • It's great that this person has built a student base that he needs to hire extra teachers.
    If he employs them as independent contractors he doesn't deal with things like taxes and paying benefits, vacations and maternity leave. If he does want to make his business attractive to prospective employees by offering those kinds of services he needs to incorporate.

  • Common Richard….😧…..Just cause somebody gets down on the weekends on their social media doesn't mean their going to be a bad employee…..I would be more worried about the guy with a boring social media with three kids…all who can get sick and tons of issues where that guy is going to have to not show up at work to deal with those kids….shiiiit….👎…Last employer checked my freinds media.and concurred that I was too wild…oh well…that was a vacuum selling job making 40 grand a year….I make 150 grand selling vacation packages now…😎

  • There are people at my job and clients we work with were the people have given up, don't care, incompitent and its about a 2 year process before they are gone. Its absurd. And then for you as an employee who care and work hard you get maybe a 7% raise after two or 3 years if you are lucky.

  • Here is where your red pill wisdom comes in: (1) Find your best female students and make them into stars or superstars. Make sure you promote your talented female stars in every venue you can – recitals, holiday, concerts, birthday parties – make something up – pimp them out so you build up your reputation as THE MAN that all the girls (and their mom's) want to be taught by you. (2) Hire only male music teachers to teach the girls. Make them into teachers to take your place – pimp them out like your pimp daddy replacement. (3) Step back and collect the money and run the business. (4) Your done.

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