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What a Wonderful World

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David Attenborough "sings" the classic song with extraordinary video footage from the BBC.  You'll be inspired by nature and the world we live in.

Kindess Boomerang

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The Dalai Lama once said "my religion is kindness".  I think this video is what he had in mind when he said that.  This short film comes from ultra cool blogger and film maker Orly Wahba at Life Vest Inside. http://ww...

Lessons from Near Death

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What happens to your life after you think you're going to die in a plane crash, but don't?  Ric Elias shares how his life has changed after he and the people on flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River in New York.  ...

Still Pumping – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story

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The reason Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia and Mr. World so many times is "it's the mind, not the body". He took his mental strategies and applied them to acting and then politics. Watch this video...

All Blacks Haka

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Before every game the New Zealand rugby team chant the Haka. It's one of the most inspiring pre-game rituals you'll ever see.

Impossible is Nothing

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Did you know David Beckham dropped into deep depression and felt completely alone after a red card that others said let his country down. He found a way out. "It's a round world".

“We Got Ourselves a Game”

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If you've ever been the underdog. If you've ever felt like the world was against you. If you've ever started at the bottom. Watch this and win!

“How Great I Am!”

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A motivating montage of moving moments in the movies.  Plus Muhammad Ali. 'Nuf said.

“Do You Believe in Miracles? Yes!” – 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team

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The last minutes of the most inspiring achievement in sports. The amateur hockey players from the USA battle a last minute blitz from the almighty professionals from Russia.  You'll get chills down your spine.  Imposs...

A Father’s Love – The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt

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This story of a father's love and commitment to his disabled son will rock your world and make you want to be a better person.

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