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Why Do People Quit?

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CEOs quit leading. Athletes quit working out. Sales people quit selling. Couples quit their marriages. People quit every day. In huge proportions. They quit their diet. They quit their exercise. They even quit "...

What if Money Was No Object?

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The late Alan Watts asks the question in this inspiring video about what gives life meaning.  Beautifully done!

The Three Pillars of Success

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Tony Robbins shares how clear goals, a specific strategy and the resolution of inner conflicts are the three things that ensure success in anything you want in life.

The Dolphin Story – “Am I Really Free?”

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I woke up one day, totally depressed. I couldn't figure out why. It was that deep, dark empty feeling that nothing mattered. But there was no event that took me to this place. What could it be? Watch this vid...

Straight to the Top

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John Amatt shares his adventures in climbing and how you can overcome obstacles and be the leader you were meant to be.

Olympic Gold

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When it comes to overcoming obstacles John Naber is a champion. The Olympic Gold Medalist shares his compelling story.

It’s Possible

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Watch one of Les Brown's most popular speeches and never give up on your dreams.

Some People Just Don’t Get It

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John Alston shows you how to step up and do what works.

Day 29 – The Power of Focus

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Tom Wood tells a memorable story of how a lack of focus changed his life forever. Climb Mt. Fuji with him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Day 25 – The Psychology of Wealth

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The mental side of money is discussed. Tom Wood and the late Jim Rohn share strategies for developing a millionaire's mindset.

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