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Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur

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The power of focus and other timeless advice for the entrepreneur from the best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Filmed in 2002 and still relevant and compelling today. One of MasteryTV's original videos. ...

A Call to Action

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Eric Worre's legendary speech on freedom, action and the entrepreneurial spirit will blow you away.

Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs – Cameron Herold

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When you see a kid who is bored, at odds or failing in class, we've got a career for them: entrepreneur.  Cameron Herold explains why he thinks we need to embrace these kids and change the world.

Why Do People Quit?

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CEOs quit leading. Athletes quit working out. Sales people quit selling. Couples quit their marriages. People quit every day. In huge proportions. They quit their diet. They quit their exercise. They even quit "...

The Dolphin Story – “Am I Really Free?”

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I woke up one day, totally depressed. I couldn't figure out why. It was that deep, dark empty feeling that nothing mattered. But there was no event that took me to this place. What could it be? Watch this vid...

He Turned 20 No’s a Day into Financial Freedom

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Eric Worre interviews Ray Higdon about how the book "Go for No" changed his network marketing business

Day 27 – Multiple Source of Income

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Tom Wood and prosperity expert Randy Gage teach you how to create multiple sources of income without being distracted from what's most important.

Day 22 – Marketing Yourself

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Tom Wood gives you insights into how to build your personal brand and then Rick Barrera talks about marketing and promoting yourself with confidence.

Dream – It’s Not Over Until I Win

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Mateusz m created a montage with Les Brown, Will Smith and sourced video that will rock your world.  Watch this over and over and over and over and over.... until you win.

Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

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Two minutes of a powerful reminder of why you decided to become an entrepreneur.