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The Secret of Motivating People – Pat Riley and Peter Guber

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Pat Riley tells his story of how he became a coach, motivated 7 teams to a championship and became President of an NBA franchise. He was rejected so much that his first job was unpaid.  "No" is what motivated him. Lis...

How a Story Helped Us Win – Magic Johnson and Peter Guber

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Listen to how Magic Johnson convinced his team that they could win without Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Later he tells how telling stories helped him get in business with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Winning Voices - Magic J...

Three Keys to Facebook’s Success – Mark Zuckerberg

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The Facebook Founder and CEO shares what he says are the three keys to Facebook's success, including, cultural values and a focus on software engineers.

Billion Dollar by Design

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Basquiat Picasso has painted a beautiful 5-minute film made of of inspiring clips from some of the most famous millionaires and billionaires of our time.  Includes advice from Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bil...

Look Me in the Eyes – Michael Jordan

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What's behind the look of a champion?  Watch this 61 second video and discover what Michael Jordan knows. Well, what some very good writers from the Nike ad agency say he knows.

Abundance is Our Future

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Our amygdala is the ancient part of our brain that keeps us focused on threats, danger and scarcity. But if you look at what's happened in the last 150 years, abundance rules the world.  Whatever problems we've had, w...

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