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Day 25 – The Psychology of Wealth

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The mental side of money is discussed. Tom Wood and the late Jim Rohn share strategies for developing a millionaire's mindset.

Day 24 – Personal Financial Management

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Money. Learn to deal with it or it will own you. Tom Wood shares principals and Sandy Botkins, a tax expert, shares strategies on getting your personal finances in order.

Day 23 – Speaking in Public

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A solution to our biggest fear -- speaking in public -- is shared by Tom Wood and it's not picturing everyone in their underwear. Ross Shafer shares how he spoke to people as a TV host.

Day 22 – Marketing Yourself

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Tom Wood gives you insights into how to build your personal brand and then Rick Barrera talks about marketing and promoting yourself with confidence.

Day 21 – Living in Gratitude

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Tom Wood shows you how to live, work and play with a feeling of gratefulness. John Alston shares a powerful story.

Day 20 – Living in Love

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Tom Wood and Dr. Barbara DeAngelis share how to work, play and live with our most powerful emotion as your guide.

Day 14 – Un Time Management

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Day 19 – Your Emotional Quotient

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Your EQ (Emotional Quotient -- how you deal with emotions) is now considered a more important indicator of success and happiness than IQ (Intelligence Quotient -- how quickly and effectively you can analyze.)  Tom Woo...

Day 18 – Finding Balance

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Tom Wood shares with you how to get peace of mind and balance in your work and personal life. Then Gerald Coffee shares with you how he discovered how to find peace and balance as a prisoner of war.

Day 17 – Self Esteem

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Tom Wood and Dr. Denis Waitley teach you how to increase your self-esteem, how you value yourself. Your happiness demands it.

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