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This article is from Cliff Mee.

Half a million hungry ants moving through a forest can progress 200 meters a day and cut a swathe 20 meters wide.

If the army of ants meets a stream  it will march along the bank until it can cross over.

It will then march back along the bank (on the other side of the stream) to reach the point where it can continue on on its original trajectory.

This uncanny sense of purpose and direction is not apparent in the individual ant, nor does the army of ants have any discernible leader or hierarchy.

Evidently ants have a collective intelligence which acts in much the same way as cells in the human brain.

That is to say the whole is greater than its individual parts.

Something which biologist Lewis Thomas called a kind of living computer with crawling bits for wits.

Indeed ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment.

For example:

Ants farm fungi.

They raise aphids as livestock.

They launch armies into war.

Use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse the enemy.

Capture slaves.

Engage in child labor.

Exchange information ceaselessly.

They do everything but…

Watch television!

The serious point is this though:

You don’t have to be one of the collective.

You don’t have to be just another “ant” in the rush of life.

You can break free.

You can set your own course.

You can march to your own beat.

You can change direction any time you want.

That’s what the best hypnotists do.

The best hypnotists are the most creative hypnotists.

The best hypnotists equip themselves with the best tools, the best learning material and experiences – and then they chart their own course through life. 

That’s part of the big attraction of learning and mastering hypnosis — it allows you to move through life in a NEW, fun and exciting way…

…a way that most other “ant people” never get to experience!

So let’s celebrate your daring to learn hypnosis, your uniqueness and creative self expression.

The world needs more people like you!