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MasteryTV is inspiring video for the entrepreneur.

We are the first and longest running online success TV network in the world. In 2003, we launched two years before YouTube was founded. After launching we serviced more than 20,000 paid members and 250,000 subscribers.  This caught the attention of LodgeNet who put us in 1 million hotel rooms as a pay-service.

In 2005 YouTube introduced a new business model to the world of online video. Much of what we produced and charged a subscription fee to access ended up for free on YouTube and on other sites.  Of course, this challenged our business model, but it didn’t discourage us.

The new problem we discovered is that the unique individual — you — doesn’t have time to search through all the mediocre videos to find something that educates, motivates and inspires you. That’s where we come in.

MasteryTV has been viewed by millions of entrepreneurs and employees who think like entrepreneurs including individuals from nearly every industry:

The new MasteryTV is a content creator, aggregator and video blog for people who want to live an inspired life. We look for video that tells a story and has meaning.  If you start your day with us, we want you to have a better day. If you end your day with us, we want you to dream of a better life.

Most of all, we want you to share the love. If you’re inspired, there is no greater gift than to pass it on.

Live. Inspired.

Tom Wood is the CEO and Founder of MasteryTV and is the editorial voice of the site.

Mr. Wood is also an investor, management consultant, marketing expert and entrepreneur where he’s served Fortune 500 companies and start-ups around the world including IBM Japan, Microsoft, Kodak, and others. He is quoted as an expert in 80 publications around the world since 1989.

We believe that long-term results come from a commitment to learning, growing and teaching. We also believe that transformational change is a requirement for success in every industry and that the only way to get there is through a continuous process of personal and professional growth.

MasteryTV’s Mission

  • Inspire people to live better lives through entrepreneurship
  • Create moments of optimism and happiness
  • Celebrate life’s joys with each other

Please comment below or send us your personal thoughts at — support [@] masterytv . com

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